Here Are The Best 7 Ways To Get Free Of Your Oily Skin

Today most of the people have oily skins, and most of the people suffer from oily skin problems. They always look out for different products to get rid of oily skin. Home remedies are best rather than using market products. Most youngsters suffer from this problem of oily skin. To enhance your oily skin, you need to take care of your skin. Skin that looks nice is always not healthy.

What causes oily skin?

They are many reasons behind your oily skin. Some of the main reasons behind your oily skin are stated below

# Genetics

Inheritance is one of the leading factors of your oily skin. If your parent’s skin is oily, then chances are you will always have oily skin. The glands which are responsible for oily skin are sebaceous glands.

#Overuse of skin products

Overuse of so much skin products can harm your skin. Applying scrub with so much pressure can damage your skin. Your skin needs proper cleaning and proper care. So using a particular product can hurt your skin. So it is advised not to use skin products and instead use some home remedies.

#Seasonal changes

In winters your skin produces too much oil because the moisture of skin is lost and to overcome it, it provides fuel. And in summers the increase in temperature can negatively affect your oily skin.

# Medications

When we take so many medicines dehydration is caused. Due to which the moisture of our skin is lost and to overcome the loss of humidity our skin produces excess oil which results in oily skin.

# Use of Incorrect Products

You should know about your skin tone and the kind of products you are using.Let us take an example you have clear skin, and you are using products of oily skin again your moisture of skin is lost and to complete it your skin produces oil in excess.

# Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are persistent especially in case of women. At the age of puberty, they undergo so many hormonal changes. When they get pregnant, they experience so many changes and moreover when their menstrual cycle stops the changes in hormones take place.

# Stress

Well, stress is bad for health as well as your skin. When you make significant, the hormones which are released in the body is androgen hormone, and this hormone is responsible for more oil production. So you should not take so much stress.

# No need of skin care tools

The main skincare tools which cause dehydration are rotating the cleansing brush, hand mitts, Buff puffs, and strips. And due to dehydration again your skin produces oil.

# Sun Tanning

Tanning is one of the major problems suffered by youngsters in summers. It is also the cause of pigmentation. Sun tanning removes your natural oil, but to protect your skin, your body will produce more oil than before. So it can also make your skin oily.

How to recognize oily skin?

The hormone which is responsible for oil production in the body is androgens. Oil production is good but only in a limited amount but when it is produced in excess, it can negatively affect your skin and can cause various problems.

A test to check if your skin is oily or simple

Skin test

#Take a paper napkin

# Press it on your whole face and especially on the entire forehead down to your nose and chin

# Do it for few seconds and then remove the napkin

# If your skin is oily the paper will become translucent due to oil

Now after testing your skin if it is oily you need some home remedies to treat your oily skin. So some of them are listed below

1 Cleansing

Washing your face is the best way to keep your skin oil free and acne free. You need to remove the front at least three times a day. It will maintain your ph balance of the skin, and your skin will become fresh but remember don’t do it often it can make your skin dry.

2 Exfoliation

Using exfoliater with scrub can remove your dead skin cells and can enhance your skin tone. You can quickly make exfoliater at home. The remedy is given below

#using honey, baking soda and lemon scrub

Take 1/2 spoon of each that is honey, baking soda, and lemon scrub and mix them well. Now use the mixture rub it well on your face gently with your fingers.

3 Toning

Toners make your skin look more healthy. It increases the blood circulation of your skin. Your skin glows more, and it refreshes your skin, Toners are very easy to make at home using green tea or Apple Cider VInegar spray.

4 Face Mask

Home Face Mask such as clay mask, egg white mask, mashed mango mask, etc. make your face looks softer and brighter.

5 Moisturizer

The moisturizer helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin. Once the layer is removed your skin becomes more healthy and clean. The moisturizer contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids help to lift your dead skin and enhance your skin tone.

6 Use of sunscreen

Using sunscreen in summers is very essential. It protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays which are coming from the sun. It also reduces wrinkles and age spots. Sun protection factor of sunscreen can be in between 15-20. But if you are going to a boiling area such as a beach, then spf should be more than 30. You should apply sunscreen regularly after washing your face.

7 Fuller’s Earth

Multani Mitti also was known as Fuller’s Earth is a natural ingredient and is very useful for our skin. It removes the dead skin cells, and our skin starts glowing again. It is the best home remedy for oily skin. It also makes our skin acne free because it contains Magnesium Chloride. Most people use it with rose water and milk which makes it work more efficiently. To make your skin more glowing, you can make a face pack using beaten eggs, yogurt, and Multani mitti. This face pack will also remove your blackheads and whiteheads too. Apply the face pack for at least 15-20 minutes and then wash it and then see the difference.

So these are some of the famous homemade remedies you need to try out and get rid of your oily skin. Try it and tell us about the results in the comment section and give your views.



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1 Comment

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