Here Are The Answers To The Ten Major Magic Techniques


Those who don’t believe in magic can never find it. It is a real illusion which if one develops becomes master in this. Magic doesn’t only mean to show your ability to shock everyone it is a spirit of oneself which makes other smiles. It is the magic of the heart that others smile. Magic is wondering to do something unusual. But some people didn’t know how these tricks happen in reality.

These are the tricks for classic magic which started in the early 1800s and the magic tricks behind the technique are out. One may feel disappointed if you get to know the simple methods with which a magician can make you fool. Magic is a fun, and you will be surprised if you will come to understand how Michael Jackson defied gravity in his dance moves.

1. Levitation

If you are watching a girl sleeping in the air, your eyes remain open seeing this. But in reality, a woman is laying on the board, and a metal rod provides support to this board. The magician is standing near the girl in the air to hide the rod. And in this way, the trick is appropriately executed.

2. Cutting A Body In Half

A person placed inside the box has to tuck their body and while tucking he has to give an illusion that his body is being split into pieces and for this, fake feet attached at the other end such that it cuts delusions and people get surprised to see this.

3. Zig Zag Girl

This method is straightforward as compared to other. When the magician put blades in the box the girl enters the table and then she turns her body sideways. And when a magician moves the middle plate, it shifts the middle section to the right way, then only girls hands get into the central table, and the black lining states that her intermediate body is moved, but that doesn’t happen.

4. Into The Air

In the Air is also similar to levitation trick but the only difference in this one is magician does not stand by the side to support the person. Magician passes a hoop which gives the support to the girl, and it seems as if the girl is floating in the air.

5. Floating Man Illusion

In the picture, as shown above, the street person is sitting in the air with the support of a single rod. But in the actual practice, the man is sitting on the metal seat that is attached to the rod, and the rod has the full support of the ground through the carpet.

6. Cut In Half

In this magician tricks people by showing that he is cutting the body of a girl into two pieces. But in reality, two girls participate in this tricks both lying bent in the two boxes as shown in the picture. One is lying bent and hiding her lower body, and other is lying bent and hiding her upper body. When the blades get inside and cut it box into two pieces, we see two different boxes, but the girl comes out safely from the table.

7. Michael Jackson Dance Trick

Michael Jackson’s dance trick is straightforward as one thinks it to be difficult. The groove of the shoes catches the lift which helps you lean up against the center of gravity.

8. David Copperfield Makes The Statue Of Liberty Disappear

David is best known to make things disappear. The audiences and pillars next to the statue are rotation in the actual practice. And viewers get moved and figure disappears.

9. Buzz Saw

In this, the body of a person is cut into the two pieces, but the band helps in hiding the shape of two persons in this case when blades move in between of the two.

10. Criss Angel Levitation

In this levitation, Criss Angel uses the hidden leg to step himself up for this levitation trick, and it seems as if he is floating in the air.


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