Here Are Best Times to Drink Water To Keep Your Body Hydrate All The Time


As we all know that human body contains 70% of water in it. So it seems like there is no need for more water. But the case should not be like this. We should keep our body hydrated all the time. Water is very important for our body. We have to make sure that our bodily functions should not get affected due to the lack of water. We would do not even realize that when our body gets dehydrated.

The main symptom of dehydration is that when we wake up in the night with a dry throat. Cracked lips are the second symptom of a dehydrated body. Sometimes our body even gets dehydrated with the food we eat. The salt which we add to our foods makes our bodies dehydrated. So we should be conscious to take care of water to drink all the time to make our body hydrated.

The real struggle of drinking more water is faced by Indian women while traveling. But we have found out many solutions to this because to keep our body hydrate is equally important.

It also makes the better functioning of our body. There are many formulas and techniques to keep your body hydrate all the time.

The following list of the times which will tell you the best time to drink water in a day. Have a look at it!


1. As soon as you wake up

When you wake up drink some water before you brush your teeth. It’s good for you. As for last 8 hours, you were sleeping and have not drunk any liquid. So it’s obvious to drink some water as soon as you wake up. It will rehydrate your body after long hours of sleep. It will ensure easy bowel movements.


2. Between meals

Make a habit to drink water between your meals. It’s good for your health. Instead of eating unhealthy items drink some water instead. Remeber to drink water as soon as you reach the office. This will also give some break after you eat the breakfast. And also makes up for the dehydration which occurs while traveling.


3. Before/ During lunch

Do not worry about to drink water with your lunch. Water helps in digestion. So drink water with your meal during lunchtime. It will keep you in control from overeating and also helps in hydrating your body. Though don’t worry about the myth that water is messing with your digestion. It’s just a myth.


4. After lunch

Just remember that time of the afternoon when you want a cup of tea or coffee to drink because you feel so sleepy. So drink a glass of water as well before that you drink a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes our brain misinterprets our thirst as hunger. And if rightly interpreted then drink water and drinking more water will ensure that you do not put more food in your body especially when your body wants to drink water.


5. During dinner

As above we have suggested you drink water along with your meals, in the same sense we suggest you drink water during your dinner as well. Many of us drink cola instead of drinking water during dinner. It is the very bad habit. Cola is usually empty calories. So do not do this. On the other hand, water is so beneficial for us so drink it during your dinner instead of drinking cola.


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