Getting Surprise to Know The Name Of Daily Things Which We Think Have No Name


Did it ever happen to you when you’re in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden you get dumbstruck because the thing you’re about to say doesn’t remind you of a name? Then comes the awkward situation when you start to stutter and stammer and make weird gestures because you can’t remember the name! Also, have you gone through times when you have had to pause because you cannot recall the name of the something you’re not sure if it has a name?

It happens to me, like a lot.

There are a 100 things in our surrounding that confuses us if they have a name! They make us wonder what could they possibly call? So, here is a list of few things that might help you in an embarrassing situation.


1. Nose Pads

Ever wondered what this translucent, flexible thing called which supports the frame so well. Well, guess what? It’s a nose pad. Quite obvious that was.

An easy guess, I suppose.


2. Pull Loops

Haven’t we all wondered about those loops hanging on the back of a shoe? Here’s a name for it; Pull Loops. Quite literally the name, they are used to pull your shoes on. For a more comfortable fit and movement, you can pull your shoe in using these. Amazing!


3. Phloem Bundles

The strings on a banana peel or the banana itself are the Phloem Bundle.  Phloem Bundles are a part of the Vascular Bundles in a plant. The two components of which are Xylem and PhloemPhloem Bundles are the sub-components of the same. Phloem is responsible for the transportation of sugars and other nutritional elements.


4. Punt

The dent or the Divot is what we call in a wine bottle is called Punt. It is designed to provide equilibrium to the bottle and help it to keep straight.


5. Aglets

Those round and hard wrappings around the shoelaces are of some meaning, They have a name, and it’s Aglets. They play a crucial role in preventing the cords from fraying or unraveling. Also, they make it easier for the shoelaces to pass through the tiny eyelets.


6.Drop Catcher

The fancy thing you see on the base of your beer glass, that’s the Drop Catcher. As the name suggests, it’s there to absorb all the drop of extra beer that falls off from the glass. It prevents the content from spilling on the table.


7. Ferrule

Haven’t we all wondered what is that metal part on our pencils called? It is the Ferrule. This is a cover between the pencil and eraser. Let’s face it, we all tried to chew it down once. So, it has a name now!


8. Space Saver Slots

See those spaces in the area where the ring protrudes out? That is the Space Saver Slots. They are present to save the space, i.e., prevent the file from being a large fat one.

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