Friends: Some Senseless Things About The Relationship Of Chandler And Monica


Friends: In this show, There is a couple namely Chandler and Monica. Their relationship was better than Ross and Rachel.  The relationship between Chandler and Monica was perfect, they do not have any problems in their relationship, unlike Ross and Rachel.

There are so many senseless things about their relationship in the show. They even don’t know little things about each other. Below given are some things that do not make any sense in their relationship.

Chandler and Richard Slipping People Money

You had seen in the season 2 of friends that when Chandler and Monica were dating then, Joey And Chandler wants to be friends with Richard. They start working together, and in the meantime, Richard tells Joey and Chandler that how to slip people’s money. It was not for such a long time, and Chandler and Joey do not want to be in Richard’s company. When they start not liking him, then they start comparing him with their fathers. They start calling him senior citizens because of his age.

In season 7 you have seen that Chandler tries to slip people money, but he doesn’t know that how to do it. He was unable to slip host money. Chandler was asking that Richard has ever got success in slipping people money. It was an excuse because he knows that Richard is an expert in this job. He was doing all these things because he was jealous of Richard and insecure about his relationship with Monica.

Chandler’s ignored “I love you.”

In one episode of season 5, when Monica came to Chandler to feel apology for causing Chandler to lose his toe accidentally, then Chandler ignored her and called her fat. Monica was trying to get Chandler back and want to be with him. She came after him after losing weight and start flirting with him by using the things placing around him, even a knife.

After all the things happened, Chandler got to know about the apology done by Monica by placing a big turkey on her head. The turkey placed on her head was wearing sunglasses. And when Chandler forgives her, then he said, “You’re so great. I Love You.” Chandler’s tongue slipped and reacted like he hasn’t mentioned it.

Monica didn’t know what Chandler’s job was

It is a very senseless thing that happened in season 4 episode. Monica and Chandler were friends from years, and they are saying that they don’t know about each other’s jobs. After this series, in the next one, it was shown that Chandler resigned his post and got shifted to the Tulsa Office. It was like everything will change, and there will be less money in the home for some time. After facing all these things, Chandler decides to get his old job back and then Monica said that he should do the job that he loves. In the end, he said, “O quit, and you learn what I do?” Chandler and Monica were in a relationship from so many years, and now they are married.

Monica Didn’t Care That Janice Thought Chandler Had Feelings For Her

Chandler loves Janice, and they were together from so long, and Chandler also wants that she should leave her husband for him. After sometime Janice went Chandler and she was not in his life. Chandler said to Yemen that he couldn’t get far enough away. Monica didn’t care too much thinking about that Chandler has feelings for Janice. But Janice always popped up when she saw Chandler and Monica together.

Richard’s Forgotten Appearance Before The Proposal

Chandler wants to propose Monica for marriage, and he was preparing for that. Everyone said that Chandler should see Monica’s hand when she comes at home. Chandler was worried, and he decided that he will directly ask her for marriage.

Richard proposed Monica at the office and asked her to marry him.

Monica didn’t know about Chandler’s plan, and she went to his apartment. When Monica found all the things and them, both proposed each other. They both were ready for the marriage and thinking that Richard will never come back.


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