Following 11 Body Languages Mistakes Must Be Avoided At Work


Body language, one of the most important thing that determines how people perceive you. It is the type of non-verbal skill. If the non-verbal abilities of a person are excellent, then it clearly shows that the person is smart, energetic, confident, active, and honest. However, at the same time, someone who have poor non-verbal skills, that is, weak body language, then it may give off the impression of low self-confidence, and a lack of interest. And when it comes to dealing with the business world or with any other job, it becomes essential that you must be aware of your body language.

How we carry ourselves or how we show ourselves, on the job becomes very important. In short, your body language, gestures, can make and even can break your impression at your workplace. So below are some body language mistakes mentioned that one must avoid at the workplace:

1.Bad handshake

Undoubtedly, a poor and a weak handshake can send some unfavorable signals about you, on the other side, people who have a firm handshake are found to have more favorably viewed. And do you know that the secret to a great handshake lies in palm-to-palm contact? A handshake is the first thing that is noticed at the workplace. So, try to avoid weak handshakes at your work.

2. Not making eye contact

Eye contact is one of the first and the main component of means of communication. The ability to make eye contact while speaking denotes confidence, strength, leadership, and presence. On the other hand, closing your eye or looking down while speaking with someone indicates that you are feeling bored and can also leave your lousy impression.

3. Poor posture

How we stand, how we sit, all shows that how we think. A poor posture not only indicates that you are feeling weak but also suggests that you are not so confident. However, a good position shows that you are strong, you are optimistic, and it ultimately gives the appearance of your strength and credibility. So, you have to make sure that your sitting and standing position much be accurate so that it will not leave the impression of insecurity on others.

4. Failing to smile

Smiling works in the two ways. A smiling face shows that you are a pleasant person with warmth, confidence, openness, and energy. But your smile also sets off mirror neurons in the listener that makes them to smile back and to make a positive interaction impression. And without a smile, one can be seen as very serious and aloof. So, never forget to smile at your workplace. It will help in making your right image.

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