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It’s a popular thing that a person’s body shape, height, and their other physical characteristics are the strokes of the brush called genes. All of these physical attributes are also dependent on the amount of physical exercise we devote ourselves to and the amount of care we give our bodies. It has been observed and experienced that our body achieves an equilibrium at an absolute limit of shape and weight. Most men and women have found to have one of these six types of body shapes, i.e., banana-shaped, rectangular-shaped, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, cone-shaped or the hourglass-shaped body.

Fashion magazines are splurging with the perfect type of body shape and size; they talk about how a person should dress according to their body shape. It is quite easy to solve the logarithm of what your body shape is., but to honestly know what your personality beholds is challenging. We presented you some simplified and tested knowledge on your body shape and character.

1. Slender/Banana-Shaped Body:

A thin or banana-shaped body is characterized by a tall appearance and a tilted body. It would be great to know the pros and cons of your personality. People who are quite thin are found to be more on the sides of being an introvert as compared to those blessed with round bodies. Also, thinner and slender people are a lot more organized and disciplined.

However, they can be misunderstood as selfish and bossy people. This can be anticipated either because they want everyone around them to be happy or perhaps just because they aren’t as expressive as other people of their body shape.

If you have this kind of body shape, then you are most likely to be high on energy and have a sweet spot for physical exercises. You are quite a caring and creative person. You are a figure of elegance and intense personality. You should be high on your self-esteem and if anything hinders that, make sure to get rid of it.


2. Rectangular or Ruler-Shaped Body:

Rectangular body type is devoid of any curves and is probably one of the most common body types. Not envying the world which worships every hourglass-shaped body is quite impossible.

They often possess a traditional mindset and seek a partner who shares same ideas.

3. Round or Apple-Shaped Body:

Round bodies are a result of people who love food with their heart and cannot deny that fact. Having a round body type may also be genetic, but also the lack o exercise and an improper diet may affect it. These people are more prone to diabetes than another kind of body type.

On the brighter side, round shaped body type people are friendly, fun-loving, and extremely social. They have high confidence and seek equally, confident partners.

4. Spoon or Pear-Shaped Body:

This is the body type every woman dreams of, the goddess type body shape. A pear-shaped body resembles a fun-loving, adventurous, and an extrovert person. You tend to be flocked by family and friends and are the life of every party you go to.

People with body type attract attention and are often looked upon as flirtatious. Such people are confident, creative, and unbothered by someone else’s opinion.

5. Cone-Shaped Body:

Cone-shaped body type is also referred to as an inverted triangle shaped body. The upper body is broader than the lower body, hence making it a rare shape. The best part about this body type is that your body weight looks balanced almost everytime.

About the personality of this person, you are a different person in private than you are in public. You are not as boisterous as some other person might be, but you do have a quality of yourself, and that is to be you.

6. Hourglass-Shaped Body:

This one here is a rare body type, and many women can just dream about achieving this. It is quite interesting to know that people with this body type are low on self-esteem and often worry about what people might think about them.

Being the person with the spell bounding body shape, these people are a perfectionist. Thus, they often face a rough time in finding their right one. They often need assurance in a relationship which sometimes makes the romance kicked to the sides.


No matter what type of body shape you have, you are a beautiful person. Never try to compare yourself to any other person.



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