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Paul Walker, the famous person who has given his best with the hits from Fast and Furious Seasons had faced a car accident on 30th of November in California. And it was really a tragic car accident which had taken his life. And till now, there are many ones who are not able to overcome with this situation that had happened. It had really given a shock to many ones.

Paul was the big star who had given his best in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. And he had taken a break from the series and had decided to spend his time with his daughter. But when someone had reminded him that he had to go in an event of his charity show, then he had rushed to that event. And who knows that it was the last day of his life. And when he was returning from that event, his car got crashed and he died.

Those who had not seen the Fast and Furious were also not able to believe on the news that they had heard. It was on the 30th of November that he had died. And this year in November it will be 5 years that he had died. It has gone so long but it seems like it had happened just yesterday. It was really a heart-melting news that has given all of us a big shock.

But now the documentary on his life, that is, “I am Paul Walker” is going to release this year. And now this will again reflect back all the memories that we have tried to forget. In this documentary, we are going to see the life of Paul, his legacy of kindness, his thoughts, ideas that inspire others.


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