Every Lady Must Know About These Etiquette Rules


There was the specified time when women were supposed to follow some rules to act in public. They were forced to perform like that way in society.  Some believed this and some not that there were also rules for them that they had to follow at home too. Every individual whether they were deserving or not they were supposed to examine the weak soul if they lose the strength or momenta even for a while. That time was not perfect for ladies, and also they had not be given the equal rights and independence of boys.

But fortunately, the time has changed now. Thankfully, women have gone the equal rights, and they now share the fair independence. But still, there are some of the etiquette rules that every woman should follow if she wants to live a life without any irritation. They are not to be mixed or confused with the strict rules that everyone has to follow. In fact, they are only a few social graces which make lives of us much more accessible and sometimes for those also who are around us.

These so-called rules are just like some protocols that fall under basic politeness. And some help us to simplify our lives and also can compel charm to devote others. So, wondering to know about those etiquettes that can help you to make life more comfortable and relaxing. Do not wait and check out the list that is given below. It will surely help you to add charm to make your already pleasant personality more attractive.

So, let us see the list of those 22 etiquettes rules that can be easily remembered and quickly followed by everyone:

  • Any guests that come to your house, you take them to your drawing room. But the first room that you should introduce them is to your bathroom. This will help them to freshen up themselves. So, after that, they will feel relax and comfortable too. This will make them more comfortable to meet other.

  • Many guests when arriving at your home they bring gifts for the host. And if those gifts include edible or some drinkable items, then it is better to put them on the table. So, that everyone can enjoy the goodies. This will surely help you to get some brownie points.
  • If you are in a party or any function, and you want to leave because it has gone a late. Then you should use the only information to the hosts of the party. Because it will not make the other guests to follow the same suit.
  • If you are sitting in any cafe or restaurant and you are feeling suffocation, then you should not mess there. Instead, you should inform the waiter first, who is attending you. It is the better way not to spoil your personality.

  • It is best and better not to show the contents that you are having in your purse in public.
  • If you want to comb or brush your hair, then the best room in the public area is the ladies room. There you can also check your makeup and retouch it also.
  • It is considered quite rude if you fill your glass again while sitting in public area. It can be quite polite to you if you ask someone sitting next to you to do the needful.
  • It is not done if shout to someone who is sitting in the next room, even if you are at your home also.

  • Never go for the best place while approaching the table. Always try to occupy the position that is near to you.This is because small things matter a lot.
  • While eating the soup place the spoon on the soup plate in between the sips and also when you have finished. And if you were served in the soup plate then place the spoon in the soup plate when you have completed the soup, not on any other dish.

  • While drinking the tea, never loop your fingers around the cup. The very right way to hold a cup of tea is to use your index finger and thumb, and middle finger is used for your support. But this rule should not be followed if you are drinking coffee.
  • You should not make a habit of placing your hat or purse on the desk.
  • It is not advisable to sit with crossing your legs, especially when you are sitting on a low chair.
  • If we talk about the cloakrooms, then the only thing that you are allowed to do in there is to fix your hair.


  • Now let us talk about the cars. A lady should slide in and out of the car always. This action looks graceful. And it also helps you to adjust your dress while doing this.
  • If we talk about the cloakroom, then you should leave everything in the cloakroom except your purse. However, sometimes you are also to wear the coat inside the cloakroom.
  • You should not get aggressive if your boyfriend takes your car. You should be okay with this.
  • If a lady owns a car, then there is no need that her boyfriend would pick up her.
  • You can seat in the backseat of your car with that guy to whom you are acquainted with.

  • It is advisable not to spoil your manners at any cost. It seems to look less attractive if you make yourself less hygienic. Whatever your mood is, do not make any mistake that can make your pleasant personality down.
  • Always try to keep your smartphones away from you when you are talking with your friends. This will surely help you to give proper attention to them. And also you will be able to get appropriate attention from them.

So, you have already seen that these are not the strict rules to follow. These are the simple etiquettes that can make your life easier. These are the little things that people usually notice. If you adopt these things, then surely, grace and poise will be your best friends for your life. Always remember that manners are etiquettes are the extension of perfect personality. So, ladies follow these rules and ace the grace.



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