Ever Wondered Why we Kiss When We’re In Love? 6 Things You Should Know!


Our lips and tongues are packed with hundreds of nerve endings which help to intensify all those exciting dizzy sensations of being in love when we kiss someone else’s lips. Most people are satisfied with the theory that we kiss because it feels good. But did you know how did kissing evolve? According to some Anthropologists, there are two evolutionary lines for kissing; one which stated that it is instinctual and intuitive, other which noted that it evolved from a process called  Kiss Feeding, a method followed by mothers of some culture where they feed their infants by passing masticated food into their babies’ mouths.

Kissing in overall is a fantastic experience, in fact, most people remember their first kiss very well, with approximately every detail of it. Kissing has been a part of lovemaking process for long. Researchers have shown that mouth-to-mouth kissing is quite a common occurrence in more than 90% of cultures across the world.

This old age practice of kissing has been under extensive research, and many papers have been published to cover. The question of why do we kiss might be a cakewalk for some of us, keeping in mind the level of intimacy associated with it. However, today we are going to explore a few reasons related to the reason why we kiss.

Let’s move ahead and get ourselves through the tunnel of this mystery!

1. People Kiss to Determine Their Mates

According to studies, people kiss to mark and determine their ‘mates’ for future relationships. Kissing can reveal a lot about a person’s hormonal profile, as well as their health. This guides an individual in making further decisions about their relationship with the person they are kissing.

So, if you’re planning to kiss somebody, make sure you smell good and taste good because a good kiss can be remembered for a long time.

2. Being a Good Kisser Can Make you more Attractive!

Researchers state that kissing creates an impact on how attractive a person might look for someone else. A person who is a good kisser can be contemplated as a beautiful person immediately after the kiss.

The increase in the level of attraction for a person may shift accordingly depending upon the level of romantic involvement. On the other hand, being a bad kisser can affect your relationship with your partner. Kissing is more critical than you anticipate!

3. Kissing Accounts for Longevity of Relationship

A key to having a long and happy relationship for both partners is being satisfied with their physical intimacy. And you’d be surprised to know that kissing plays an essential role in it.

A study stated that couples who cuddle and kiss frequently have proven to be happier than the couples who don’t. Such individuals also said to be more comfortable with their partners which accounts for the longevity of their relationship.

4. Kissing Can Lower Allergic Symptoms!

If you have some allergic symptoms, kissing might just be the cure for you! According to a study, partners who kiss each other for more than 30 minutes were shown to experience a decrease in allergen-specific IgE production, thus accounting for the increase in allergic symptoms.

So, if you have any allergy, go ahead with kissing your partner and be amazed!

5. Kissing Helps you Reduce Stress!

Have you ever noticed the feeling right after you’ve kissed someone? It feels lighter, and your head is a little dizzy for all the right reasons. Kissing is a proven aid to release stress. So, kissing even at the tensest of situations can help you release all of it.

A study conducted in the year 2009 explained that kissing leads to “stress-ameliorating physiological effects” and also added in reducing the occurrence of depression in healthy adults by eventually lowering cortisol levels.

If you’re in sad, tensed, stressed or depressed mood, kiss more often! It’ll prepare you better to deal with the situations.

6. Kissing Helps boost Immunity against Certain Diseases

Despite being the most convenient way to pass on germs and bacteria, some studies have stated that kissing can help you boost your immunity.

However, it’s important to know that kissing must be practiced with a healthy individual who isn’t prone to any hazardous or life-threatening disease. Kissing is a whole=hearted romantic process and shouldn’t be a cause of pain for anyone.



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