Effects of Harmonal Imbalance Every Women Should Know

Hormonal changes trigger problems in women from birth to death. In case of women, the most pronounced differences come in their 40s and 50s but can be seen as early as their mid-30s. Most women suffer from hormonal symptoms which has a lot to do with not only their lifestyle and diet but also the pollution, toxins, and xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are synthetic chemicals that act like estrogen in the body. Hormones control various essential processes in our body so, therefore, hormonal imbalance may affect mood, behavior, well-being, and appearance.

Hence common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are :

Sudden Appearance of Acne

Acne in adult women is common and is hard to treat. Sudden hormonal changes in the body often cause acne and blackheads appearance. Acne may stem from normal hormonal changes such as those occurring around the menstrual cycle. Further, low androgen level may lead to acne all over the body.

A frequent Headache

Women are far more likely to suffer from a headache due to hormonal imbalance. The frequency of headaches is typically linked to fluctuations in hormonal level, and the duration and severity of headaches can be symptomatic of hormonal dysfunction. Also, estrogen plays a very significant role, it is produced in ovaries, and it controls the metabolic processes in the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, too much or too little of it may lead to a migraine or bad mood.

Frequent Insomnia

Women suffer from insomnia at nearly twice the rate of men. In females, menopause results in insomnia as ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone at this time. The various specialist has suggested that progesterone is a natural relaxant. It not only helps in relaxing and calming the body down but also normalizes the sleep.

Increased Sweating

Sometimes excessive sweating is brought on by an imbalance of hormones. Many times our emotions are the trigger that increases internal temperature. Sweating and fever are common signs of hormonal imbalance.

Constant Fatigue

Many doctors have suggested that problems in the production of thyroid hormones result in chronic fatigue. Women in perimenopause often describe their fatigue as sudden profound exhaustion that takes over their body even though they haven’t exerted any physical effort. When they try to do any physical or mental activity, the fatigue often worsens.

Sudden Weight Change

Low progesterone can affect thyroid which can further lead to change in weight. The body gains weight irrespective of the food consumed due to hormonal imbalance. High levels of estrogen, cortisol, or insulin with a low level of testosterone may lead to fat storage in the body.

Hair loss

Women feel confident and attractive when their hair looks good. Fortunately, hair loss is a side effect of hormonal imbalance which can impact fertility in the female. High level of testosterone makes them bald.

Digestion Issues

Hormones are released due to stress which in return results in stomach problems. Also, a high level of estrogen influences the microflora of intestines. Most of the digestive issues occur due to menopause. The hormone estrogen has a direct impact on the hormone cortisol. Oestrogen is directly linked to the digestive system. During menopause, estrogen is decreased, and as a result, digestive system gets affected.

Uncontrolled Bouts of Hunger

Feeling frequent bouts of hunger is also a sign of hormones imbalance. The body secretes hormones that control appetite and hunger. Leptin and ghrelin are the two hormones that are responsible for monitoring hunger. Thus, they are required to be balanced.


The major factor responsible for inattention and low focus is a hormonal imbalance.

Stress hormone can affect the function of the brain and cause memory impairment. Also, drop in estrogen level can cause forgetfulness, reduction in clarity of mind and ability to concentrate.

Breast Changes

Change in breast size is another severe symptom of hormonal imbalance. The breast can lose their shape, volume, and size because of a sudden decrease in estrogen level.


Women often develop larger breasts during menopause. It is because the drop in hormone levels causes breast tissue to become less dense and fatty.




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