Check What Your Facebook Posts Tell About Your Personality


Facebook today as became the new medium to connect with the people. Daily Millions of people posts Millions of posts. While scrolling your news feed you will a number of posts. Some weird, some funny and some cute.

In a short, Facebook has become a source of entertainment while we feel bored during our work or can’t sleep at night.

Leaving everything else, come in the main article. Do Facebook really tells about someone’s personality? Well, the answer is probably yes. Whenever we post something on the Facebook, we post it for a reason and therefore each and every Facebook post is linked with how we think or more accurately how we actually are.

Recently, a team of researchers has researched that how Facebook can affect our personality. At first, they studied the main categories people posts on the Facebook:  social activities and everyday life (social activities, something funny that happened to them, everyday activities, pets, sporting events), intellectual thoughts (views on politics, current events, research/science), achievements (achieving goals, their own creative output, accomplishments, anything work or school related), diet and exercise, children and feelings about one’s romantic partner.

Then they took help from 555 Facebook users about how they use Facebook, what often they post on their account, how many likes they get on their posts and other such types of questions.

After collecting and analyzing whole data and doing some calculations, researchers made some theories. They said that posts about social activities and everyday life and achievements received the most likes and comments, and posts about intellectual thoughts received the least amount.

Well, everyone will congratulate you on your achievements and therefore you get more likes on such posts. But if you start debating about some political issues than it’s obvious that everyone will not agree with you.

The study further said that people who are self-esteem are more to post the update about their love life. Maybe as a way of laying claim to their relationship when it feels threatened.

On the other hands, the persons who are more egoistic are likely to post more about their achievements as to confirm their achievements.

Such people also post about their diet and exercise but for the purpose of self-expression, not validation.

Now talking about extrovert people, such type of persons post a lot more about their social activities and everyday life. This way they try to communicate with other people.

Neurotic persons are more likely to use Facebook for the validation.

Well, these all were the conclusions of the study. From all, we can say that Facebook is a real life.



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