Directors Of “Avengers: Infinity War” Answered Three Questions That Killed Us


Avengers: Infinity War, a movie that had killed all the cinemas. It is a movie that most of the people were waiting for. And nowadays almost on every article, memes, on everything the movie is going viral. It has completed the expectations of many people but the end of the movie was a little bit emotional. Many people felt heartbroken after watching the end of the movie.

However, Avengers: Infinity War can be truly said as an emotional journey, the deaths and the defeats. The movie was more than everything that we all had expected out of the movie that was like a climax of the last ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU ).

It was truly iconic and incredible to see that so many superheroes had come together for the only goal, that is, to defeat Thanos. However, there was a little bit of confusion that had come with that scene. But anyhow, the movie was full of entertainment and had completed the expectations of many ones with a little bit of emotional scene at the end of the movie.

However, many viewers were having some questions after seeing the movie. And the fans left the theatre after seeing the movie with a small emotional support and many questions. And we are here to answer these questions.

So, let us check out some of the questions from the viewers and their answers:

1. Where Was The Hell The Hulk During The Whole Movie?

Undoubtfully, the Hulk is an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and he is also am OG Avenger. But have you seen him in the whole part of the movie except in the first scene? Yes, you read it right. The green angry giant was missing throughout the complete movie and was only seen in the first scene of the movie. Of course, the internal war between Bruce Banner and the Hulk was quite animated to watch but still, we were hoping that the Hulk will make an entrance at the most critical time and will help everyone.

But unfortunately, that did not happen at all. ‘ Hulk-smash’, that was something that we all were hoping but it was not the same. What we have got was the ‘Hulk-scared’ in the beginning after the giant purple has kicked his green ass. So, that was only what we had thought but it turns out to be completely different that was not expected at all.

However, the situation was explained by Russo brothers. They had said that they wanted to explore the relationship a little more between Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Joe had said that these two characters in the movie do not like each other and even they do not help each other. So, they thought that it would be more interesting to explore Banner as a hero. They even thought that it would be a more interesting choice to take him down a path where the Hulk is not anymore interested in helping him. These two have reached a stand-off with each other and then Banner has to rise at that occasion.

Joe had said that people have interpreted that the Hulk scared and certainly before he has his ass kicked and also he loves a good fight. But Joe really thinks that it is reflective of the journey from ‘Ragnork’ that these two characters are constantly in dispute with each other over control. And he thinks that if Hulk is to say why then he had to say that Banner only wants Hulk for fighting. Hulk had enough of saving the ass of Banner.


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