Different Tricks That You Have to Learn to keep Your Nail Polish Last Long


The nail polish should be applied properly on your nails. And always you should the know the different tricks to apply it.

We have listed here 14 tips that you have to take in your minds to get the better results.


1. “Don’t save money when buying nail polish.”

Don’t think to save your money while buying the nail polish. Always choose the best nail polish because the cheapest nail polish will not last long.


2. “Take your time to do a manicure.”

Manicure is the home spa for your nails and hands. It takes a lot of time and patience. So take your proper time to do it.


3. “Do not steam the cuticles.”

The cuticles poorly fix your nail paint. So do not steam or bath the cuticles.


4. “Prepare a bridgehead.”

If you apply the base coat on your nails, it will let your nail polish last longer, but it is not always necessary. You can use alcohol or antiseptic on your nails before applying the nail paint. And also you can wash your hands with soap.


5. “Don’t shake your nail polish bottle.”

You should roll on the bottle of nail polish on your palm other than shaking it. By this way, the bubble will not take place in your nail polish.


6. “One layer is not enough.”

The one layer of nail polish will not last long. And also it will not look good with the one layer. The one layer of nail polish will not give you the better results and even don’t hope for it. Thick nail polish takes more time to dry which flake off your fingernails.


7. “Make pauses.”

Always make pauses when applying the different coats of nail polish on your nails. You should let your nail polish dry after the first coat of it. It will give you better results. Otherwise, all the coats of nail polish will mix with one another. Let’s give 10 minutes to dry the first coat. If your first coat has not dried properly and you have applied the second coat on it, then you should remove your nail paint and repaint your nails.


8. “Protect your nail polish.”

The top coat should always be of better quality. One should always buy the best nail polish for the top coat. The top coat nail polish can be cheapest, but there should be quality in it. The nail polish should last longer. You should not save your money while buying the nail paints. You can also use the transparent varnish for the top coat of your nails. It is the best alternative.


9. “Fix the tips of your nails.”

Fixing the tips of your nail polish is the professional trick. The one should not forget this trick. You should always fix the tips of your nail polish. Use the last coating of nail polish to fix the tips and the edges of your fingernails.


10. “Do not dry your fingernails with the hair dryer.”

You should make sure that your nails should dry naturally in the air. Don’t use a hair dryer to dry your nail polish. The hair dryer will always make the things worst for you.


11. “Protect your nails.”

Use rubber gloves to protect your nails while doing household work. The chemicals of household work and the hot water are the first enemies of nail polish.


12. “Refresh the coating.”

You should refresh your nail coating once in two days if you want that your coating should last longer. Otherwise, you will paint your peeled areas again, and that will not look good. Refreshing the coating is even easier than paint again. It will also keep your manicure looking fresh.


13. “Lubricate your nails with oil.”

Water can destroy your nail polish immediately. It is the most dangerous enemy of nail polish. So before taking a shower, you should use oil to lubricate your nails. It seems like the oil is immediately washed off from your nails, but there is a thick layer of fatty still on your nails which protects your nails from the water.


14. “Shine.”

Always use glitter after the nail polish over your nails. The glitter gives the natural shine to nails. It is the natural way in distracting to cover the defeat to your nails.


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