Determine your Body Shape And Choose Your Dresses Accordingly.


Everybody wants to look beautiful, and dressing sense is one of the critical points in which we need to look to look nice. Not every dress suits on a person and not a particular dress suits on everyone and that’s mere because everybody has a different body shape. It is essential to understand your body shape as then only you will get your dresses right.

How to determine your body shape- Measurements

Take a cloth tape rather than a metallic one. Hold it at a point where it slips but will give the correct measurements.


Start from the tip of one shoulder and take it around the other shoulder to the end like it meets the tip of the same shoulder. It will help you get the measurements of the widest point of the shoulder.


Stand straight. Start from the fullest of the bust and wrap it around under the shoulders to take it back to the same point. This will give you the measurements.


Do not pull in your stomach, just stand straight. Start from the point above your belly button and below your ribcage. Then, turn it around the stomach and bring it back to the same point.


You need to do this in front of a mirror. Keep one end at one side of the hip and from the back, bring it to the same point. This will give you the perfect circumference of your hips to provide you with the accurate measurements.

How to determine your body shape and dress accordingly?

If a dress doesn’t suit you, it does not means that you do not have an accurate body shape. Your body shape is the outline of your body structure. You need to dress accordingly.

1. Apple Body Type

Heavier upper body in comparison to lower type is what constitutes an apple body type. It will characterize broad shoulders and bigger bust line. Best clothes for you can be A-Type or empire cuts. Printed dresses or dresses with a pattern can help you change the focus. Dark colors, full sleeves can be ideal for you. However, you should avoid wearing tops with skinny jeans.

2.Hourglass body type

An hourglass body type is most balanced one with proportioned top and bottom. The waistline is well defined. Your dress should be such that it suits your body curves and make the best out of it. V-shaped dresses can help you flaunt your upper body. Try using a belt at your waistline to show the curves. You should avoid wearing too loose tops with loose pants.

3.Pear body type

In pear body shape, your lower body is heavier than your upper body. You can also have hourglass body illusion if you wear skinny jeans with loose tops. Crop tops, V-shaped clothes, scoop or bottom necks can balance your bottom out. Avoid wearing skinny tops with loose tops.

4. Rectangle body type

A straightforward, well balanced from top to bottom is what constitutes rectangle body shape. You can have A-clothes with layered tops. You should focus on enhancing your arms and legs.  Sleeveless, sweetheart, and strapless lines will suit you best.Overarching dresses should be avoided.

5. Inverted triangle body type

Inverted triangle body type is the shape in which shoulders are much broader than hips. This constitutes an athletic look. Straight-cut jeans and dresses will suit your body. Pencil-cut skirt and skinny jeans will look ideal on you. Your patterns or layers etc. should be the part of the lower body rather than upper body.

So by now, you have to know your body shape very well. Just go on wearing the best-suited clothes on you as it will make you look beautiful.



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