Demi Lovato Suffering “Complications” From Overdose- Still Hospitalised


According to TMZ, after six days of suspected overdose, Demi Lovato is still hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The singer is really suffering from many complications due to overdose and she is still under the care of the hospital. She is very ill now and doctors have not decided yet that when she would be able to go home. So, it is expected that Demi would be only released from the hospital when she will make a complete recovery.

According to a source, Demi Lovato is feeling very sick and she is suffering from nausea, and fever and some other complications also. But there is nothing to much worry about. Demi is under the care of medical experts and she will only be released from the hospital when she will make her full recovery. And right now, Demi is awake and is with her parents and family members. And her fans are always ready to support her.

Many of us are feeling happy to know that Demi is now good. But some are also surprised that she is still dealing with the complications of this overdose. And this news had made many of hers fans depressed. But still, she is safe now. And that is the most important thing now. Anything could happen if she had taken a high overdose. And expert had told Hollywood Life.com that even her brain could be damaged if she had taken a high overdose and it might cause her problem in singing.

And all this incident had helped her to think about the life. Presently, Demi is not taking any type of stress and is taking this so hard. Because thinking about this all the time can not help her to fight with her addiction. And she is trying to focus herself on other things that could make her feel happy. In fact, she is focusing on the people who are giving her their love, their time, and supporting her.

Lovato had once released a song that named as “Sober”. And in that song, she had revealed about her challenges and struggles. And she had explained that she wanted to live a sober life again.

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