Daily Activities Which You Do In The Wrong Way


There are countless tthings which we are doing wrong in any sense. We daily do many things and activities which we should do in the right way.

So have a look at such activities!


1. It’s always 9 and 3 o’clock on the steering wheel

The best way to hold the steering wheel across its diameter. Never hold it from inside.


2. Put the toilet seat down, Yes missy, you too!

Always flush your toilet by covering it by its cover. If you are not doing this, it will let the germs to fly across the whole bathroom. Tough. Otherwise are not visible to the naked eyes but can be contaminated with your towel to your body.


3. Deodorant to bed

We usually use deodorant after taking a bath but it is not the right time to use it. You should apply it just before you are going to your bed for sleeping. It’s the ideal time because at this time your skin is dry and also the sweat glands are inactive. This will also let your deodorant to lasts for a long time.


4. Organised Drawers

Organise your drawers and suitcase in the best ways. Make the habit to place your clothes by rolling them instead of folding them. With the placing of your clothes by rolling them provide more space and wrinkle-free clothes. And also it is easy to find the cloth which you want to take out.


5. Cover your cough

We always cover our nose and mouth while coughing or when we sneeze. But it’s dangerous to cough and sneeze into your hands. It’s the direct contact and viruses spread rapidly, as we touch many other things with that hands over the course of the day. Make the crook of your elbow and cough with it. It’s more hygienic than your hands and will prevent the spread of germs.


6. Blend it away

Don’t waste your time with washing the blender after you blend anything in it. Pour dish wash and water in the jug and switch it on. It will clean all the sides of the jug. Repeat the process with clean water, and you will get the clean jug and blender.


7. Sleeping position

We all sleep in the different positions like some sleep on their back, some on their sides, and some on their stomachs. We don’t decide our sleeping positions while sleeping. It’s natural way. You should know that sleeping on the stomach puts the pressure on your spine and in the later days which causes stress and fatigue. Sleeping on the straight back is the best way to sleep which supports the spine and the neck. You can not control your sleeping positions while sleeping, though make your habit to sleep on your back.


8. Keyboard legs

When you need to type then prop the keyboard on its tiny legs so that the letters are easily visible to you. But do not do it for the longest time than it’s really necessary. Once you make a flow of typing then again set the legs of the keyboard down, otherwise, you will get the wrist ache. You should make sure that the keyboard is placed parallel on the ground to your wrist so that you would be able to type for a long time without any strain.


9. Hanging pants

You don’t hang your pants in the right way. That’s why you have to re-iron your pants when you want to wear it. It is because when you wrongly hang your pants, the hangers make a sharp crease in the middle of your pants. To avoid this problem use a paper towel tube over the hangers. This will not let the hangers to create any harsh crease on your pants.


10. Shoelaces

Take each loose end of laces in your hand and make bunny ears. Make “X” by bringing one bunny ear over the other. Now loop the bottom the one through the other and pull both the loops outside to tighten them.


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