Chris Brown Is Loving The news Of Rihanna’s Split Off With Hassan Jameel


After Chris Brown, Rihanna was dating Hassan Jameel. The two have been together for about seven months. The source said that “this relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten. They both have been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are serious. They are enjoying each other’s company.”

One source has told Hollywood Life that “Hassan is uncomfortable with her ex Chris lurking in her past.”

The source added that “He does not trust Chris and he feels like he is unpredictable when it comes to his girlfriend, Rihanna. He feels like Chris can try anything to win her back in his life and that has left him feeling uneasy. Hassan tries not to worry about Chris, but knowing that he may still love Rihanna which makes him feels a bit tense.”

One of the insiders has stated that “Chris thinks Hassan is not good enough for Rihanna but then nobody more would be good enough for her in his eyes.”

Chris wants Rihanna back in his life after he listened to the rumours of her split off with Hassan.

A source very close to Chris Brown has told Hollywood Life Exclusively that he has never stopped caring for her.”

He loves that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel. A source close to him is giving us the idea that how he is reacting to the news of their split off.

Our source said that “Chris is hoping the Rihana split rumours are true. He still loves Rihanna and has never stopped loving her. Chris feels that her split with Hassan was inevitable. And Chris thinks Hassan was from a different world. He is not the right guy for her. And Hassan could never understand her the way Chris does. And Chris knows in his heart that he and Rihanna belong together. It’s fate.”

When all of it comes down to it, Chris feels like they were last together as if he was a changed man. The source also said that “Chris feels that he has grown up, matured and changed a lot for her since they were together and if she is single again, he would love a chance to prove to her that he is a new man. chris and Rihanna were each other’s first real love, and he will never give up hope that they could be happy together again.”

According to the new reports in the media, Rihanna called all things off with her boyfriend, Hassan. One of Rihanna’s friend’s told MediaTakeOut that “Rihanna and he were together for a while, and it was a good relationship of them, but now it’s over. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes. Of course, Rihanna broke his heart. That’s what she does- break men’s hearts.”

Chris and Rihanna have several ups and downs in their relationship. From Chris’ brutal assault on Rihanna publicly forgiving him to his alleged fight with Drake over her on June 14- their relationship has been a dramatic one. Chris Brown and Rihanna have had several ‘OMG’ moments throughout their love affair. Ever since Chris violently attacked Riri in 2009, the two have had a bumpy journey from restraining orders to recording to recording songs together. It is one of the most drama-filled romances in Hollywood.

Chris also sang in Rihanna’s “Cake” remix in February 2012. Many have speculated that the two were going to get back together. It was right around the Grammys when they reportedly spent hours in a dressing room together.

Chris had publicly wished Rihanna a happy birthday on Twitter on February 20, 2012. He has written, “Happy Birthday ROBYN.”

They both have been spotted clubbing multiple times together throughout the year in Los Angels and New York City.

The future time will tell the reality of their relationships whether those rumours prove to be true or not or if Riri and Hassan are still going strong together.


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