Choose any of these Feathers and Know a Secret about your Personality!


Have you ever wondered what would be the world be like if everyone was the same, liked the same thing and celebrated the identical victories? Wouldn’t it all be incredibly boring? Boring, because of the lack of variety and the lack of differences. Lucky for us, the world isn’t like that. The only thing we have in common is that every one of us is different. No matter however similar two persons might be, they still hold some or the other kind of differences in their likes. There are different theories proposed for these differences. Different approaches classify and identify various types of personalities based on different traits, like color and shapes.

Some simple tests can reveal curious things about ourselves, and this here is one of them. There are five different shapes and size of feathers. The one that pleases you or the one that you choose will reveal a lot about your personality and well-being.

Look carefully at the feather and its textures, their shapes and their sizes, decide which one of them catches your attention. Choose your favorite one and read along to know the secret.


You have an aura of peace and harmony. You surround yourself with people of wisdom and people of calmness because that’s who you indeed are. You’re a soul of noble deeds and help people as much as you can. You never refuse a person who asks for your helping hand. You relate well to other people, but you prefer to do it with people those who are similar to you. You might be a weak person in the eyes of some people, but the truth lies hidden in your kindness. Your friendliness and your reliability is the reason that you make many friends.


You are characterized as a fast learner and more of a perfectionist, always try to give your best in everything, but the fact here lies that you expect the same from others. You are an intelligent being and are determined. You enjoy the company of your friends, but they often isolate you because you are a lone-wolf. You move along and work towards keeping yourself well. But you need to keep reminding people around you that they mean a lot to you, which might be considered as a disadvantage somewhere. They tend to believe that detachment is their fault but you do it unintentionally.


You are an adventurous, independent and a determined person who p=loves to pursue their hopes and dreams. You are kind to everyone and have all the qualities that a good leader needs. When you are thrown into a dangerous situation, you fall, you then get up and never let the failure grab you by your throat and make you quit. You fight. You’re well aware that they are just some hurdles that you need to cross to become who you want to be. One thing you should be careful about is choosing your friends. Choose them wisely.


You are a powerful character in your life, have a rich imagination and sharp skills for solutions and to deal with your problems. Your presence doesn’t go unnoticed and can’t be fooled because you know your mind well. Everyone doesn’t have a taste as you do so that you might be a sire sight at first, but later on, when they get to know the real you, you are their best friend. You give yourself the most attention and have immense love for yourself. Here’s a tip for you, life is short, make mistakes, learn from them and then enjoy as much and as long as you can.


You are an artistic and creative person, sometimes lacking the confidence in yourself and might not allow yourself the ability to grow. You pay attention to minutest of details in whatever you invest. You think you are a little afraid of failing, but the truth my dear is that you’re only scared of being less than you want yourself to be.


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