Check Why we love the fake soap character Dr. Drake Ramoray of ‘Days of our Lives’


Dr. Drake Ramoray is a fictional character in Days Of Our Lives played by Joey Tribbiani which in turn is a fictional character in FRIENDS played by actor Matt LeBlanc.

Joey gets this role in the second season of Friends. And the rest is history. People loved not just Joey but the fake soap character of Dr. Drake Ramoray too. Ramoray is the handsome hunk of a doctor who falls in love with one of his patients.

In all the seasons of Friends, Joey gets close with his dream of acting through his role in the NBC soap opera. It becomes his biggest role of his life. But his fame is short lived when he lets his arrogance get the best of him, and writers punish him off by killing his character with a vengeance.

So honoring this iconic fake character, we look at the eight reasons why we love Dr. Drake Ramoray.


Drake has an evil twin

Dr. Ramoray had to come out of the screen when Joey started dating one of his fans. He later finds out that she really believes everything in the soap to be real and Joey to be Dr. Ramoray, the neurosurgeon. So to throw this crazy chic off, Ross made up the story that Joey is actually Drake’s evil twin named Hans who uses women by pretending to be Drake. Hans supposedly seduces women and then never talks to them again.


He makes up his dialogues, and We love the ingenuity

After getting the role in the soap Days of our lives, Joey lets his ego get the best of him. He kinda tells the press that, Dr. Ramoray is so popular because Joey himself makes up his dialogues. Now he hadn’t met the actual writers, and we can’t fault him basking in his fame a little.


Killed-Off in style


The writers got their payback by killing Drake in the most outrageous death of the soap. Continuing in the tradition to kill off any soap characters in the craziest ways ever, the writers chose to give him to the bottomless pit like a movie villain. He was shown to fall down an elevator shaft! But in their moment of mercy, Drake was saved but left in a coma with such a severe brain surgery which no surgeon could perform. And the only talented doctor left to do so is himself!


When brain transplant brought him back to life

Killing characters and then bringing them back to life is common in soaps. But Dr. Ramoray’s resurrection is such that no other soap can hold a candle to it. He was brought back to life by implanting the brain of Jessica Lockhart into his body. After waking up, he was a bit of both, Jessica and himself.


He made big bucks for little work

In DAYS, Dr. Ramoray was this big-shot neurosurgeon of the hospital. Although we never actually see him do his work. It’s a soap after all! At least he made it to the hospital for his work.  But we certainly think his job to ‘the dream job.’


Dr. Ramoray could improvise in reality too

Dr. Ramoray came out of his soap into the real world when Joey’s friend Phoebe needed his help. It was when everyone was waiting in the hospital for Rachel to give birth and Phoebe just meets with a cute guy with a broken leg in the elevator. To find him in the big hospital, Joey goes back to his character and finds out his room number and asks some very uncomfortable questions to the guy for Phoebe.


We just can’t look past his famous friends

Joey after playing the character of Dr. Drake Ramoray got in the circle of some very famous people, including the beautiful Allison Sweeney who also appeared on the DAYS as Jessica Ashley. On his rooftop party, we also saw Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack) and Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady). Ashford even flirted with Rachel!


Killing him once wasn’t enough

With the story of Joey continuing after FRIENDS on the spin-off show named the same (Joey!!), we find out that Dr. Ramoray once again returned to the land of the dead after a nurse stabbed him to death while he was performing surgery. And the best part, the soap character got the award for the ‘Best Death Scene!’



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