Check Why Sosie Bacon in ’13 Reasons Why’ Looks Familiar And Her Character As Skye Is Getting So Complicated


Sosie Ruth Bacon is the daughter of the actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, and she is an American actress. She plays the character of Skye Miller in the second season of ’13 Reasons Why’, a Tv series on the Netflix. She is one of the upcoming actors on the show.

In the new Netflix series, Sosie plays the role of Skye Miller, who is a girl on whom Clay ( played by Dylan Minnette ) had a crush but then loses his touch with. Clay was worried at the end of the series that Skye would end up with him just like Hannah as in the book, Skye turns into a bit of a social outcast.

Skye Miller is sometimes a complicated soul. In the season one of the show ’13 Reasons Why’, Skye was the mysterious barista, on the fringe, But then she slowly became friendly with Clay ( Dylan Minette ) as he was struggling to deal with the death of Hannah. After the death of Hannah, Skye was friendly with Clay, but there was not any wrong intention besides this.

But now, Skye has a more significant role as she is dating Clay on the show. Although it is a minor role, playing Skye in the series, it might be just what it takes to kick her acting career into the high path.

But are you guys wondering that why Sosie Bacon is so familiar? Then the answer is quite simple and here is the answer. It is because as she is the daughter of the actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. But very few now know that She has been acting since she was a teenager.

Yess, surprised after knowing that Sosie Bacon has been acting since she was a teen. And her first role was playing the 10-year old Emily in the movie Loverboy, which was directed by his father. When Kevin Bacon was leading Loverboy, he had decided to cast his daughter Sosie in that film. And when he asked about his choice of casting his daughter, then Kevin answered that he had made his decision as a director and not as a father. And as he believed that his daughter Sosie was cold, so she was just a perfect for the role, and that is why he had chosen Sosie for the part in the movie.

And Sosie played her first role as the main character Emily. And also Kevin had praised her work as her role in the film, but he also had said that further, he would not be encouraging her to pursue acting. She has played some minor roles on TV and TV movies, like the upcoming ‘Lifetime TV movie Story of a Girl’ which is being starred by her dad and produced by her mom. In the Closer, she had also played Charlie, Kyra Sedgwick character niece. Also, she has been on Scream and Aquarius.

And Sosie Bacon was also crowned as Miss Golden Globe 2014, on November 21, 2013. Miss Golden Globe is the award that is given to the child of a star by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This award is presented to help out the awards at the Golden Globes.

When she was around 25 years of age, she has attended Brown University which had shown that she is trying to make her moves in the Hollywood. She had also appeared in the few short films and movies. But her first role was 13 Reasons Why. We all know about the backstory of Skye Miller. Is all know the complete story? I guess no. Skye Miller has her struggles.

Already, Clay has found that Skye was harming herself. Skye Miller typically Gives dark vibe and has a depressing personality. But she has a  soft side also and cares about those to whom she loves. And she has a history of depression and self-harm, and she even tries to keep it as a secret from Clay. She has done this because she wanted to prevent him from being worried about her.

Her actions clearly show that she cares about Clay. But she has shown in the series as she is so depressed about her life. Due to which she can still maintain her unfeeling attitude around Clay ( though he does not notice if this was so ) and often she appeared to blame him for something. And then after in the show, Clay had mentioned that Skye was so lovely before, he implied that she was not always this way and also that she had changed her appearance before they stopped talking which means that the personality of Skye may have changed slightly before they had stopped being friends.

Despite the outward behavior of Skye, she is not so heartless and is along with Clay, Tony Padilla, and so as the good-hearted high schoolers at Liberty High. At Monnet’s, she also acts indifferent towards Hannah. But when she has found that Hannah wrote a note that expresses possible suicidal tendencies, Skye had defended it. Also, Skye had appeared to want justice for Hannah and also admired Clay for fighting for her cause.

Skye hs explained this to Clay that she feels like she is having a visitor in her own body as she has told Clay that she loves him. But she will not be able to with him until she figures out herself. In a straightforward way, Skye loves Clay but as she is not able to figure out herself from her dark personality so she would not be able to be with Clay now.

But we can not say anything more about the relationship of Skye and Clay atleast more than now. But what can be possible is keeping an eye on Skye in the show as her struggle is just a key to season two of ’13 Reasons Why’ and she is also a famous character.

So, that is all about Sosie Bacon who appears as Skye in ’13 Reasons Why’. Sosie Bacon is so crisp in her real life, but she is playing a depressed having a dark vibe personality. She is a star since her teenage and now had become a very famous personality.


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