Check What your Hairstyle tells about Your Personality


Numerous things express different aspects of your personality. Be it your face line, face shape, favorite colors. Everything. The lines on your palms, the form of your fingers, your clothes, almost everything defines what and who you are. One such factor is how you keep your hair. The ways that you part your hair or care for your hair tells a lot about you. Hair is a big deal for most people. It adds up the beauty of the body. Haircuts, hairstyles, all reveal a different personality to you. Hence, shape and size of your hair is a big deal.

Here’s a list of some hairstyles and the personality associated with it.


1. Blunt Cut

This hairstyle reveals the simplicity of your nature. You are sweet and simple by heart. Love brings out the crazy and emotional part of you occasionally. On the other side, you can be mean inside, just like the sharpness and crisp of your hairstyle. Take care of the situations, when to be nice and when to be wild. You look for support when you face a problem. You are a humble and kind person. Always pure through your heart. Your needs are always above others, proving your smartness. You understand the importance of simple things. Balance is the key in your life. Care for yourself more.


2. Layered Style

People with layered hairstyle maintain a balance in their life. Stability and details are essential in your life. Every tiny aspect of your life holds some significance and requires stability.

They are attracted towards the easiest way to do any work possible. This attitude might restrain you from achieving something worthwhile. You tend to leave things unfinished. You are a nature lover by heart and value things.


3. Spiky Haircut

This is a funky hairstyle, depicting the boldness of a person. They are outspoken and possess a personality that is different from general people. They have the creativity that doesn’t match standard mindset. They tend always to stand apart. They can be clumsy at times but complete their work by themselves. They find inspiration in minutest of things.


4. Straight Haircut

Haircut of this style, have a quality to keep things straight and crisp. They don’t believe in deceptions and are attracted towards what is real. They are very assertive about things to be right, can also be the Grammar Nazi. They don’t appreciate going around the bush and like to keep it straight; no fuss. They can be high-headed sometimes would want to be treated as someone royal. You are very choosy about who you are with.


5. Curly Hair

People with curly hair have a quality of keeping everyone around them happy, they are optimistic. They have a big heart and are mostly in the limelight. They are outspoken and outgoing people who have excellent communication skills. Their confidence can be seen in their work and attire.


6. Messy Hair

Care-free. The keyword for people with messy hair is that they are care-free, least bothered about what people think about them. They are the smart one in the room and try to look for solutions to every problem. Always promoting peace and harmony. You tend to keep other person’s happiness and need before yours. They face challenges in focusing and do not spend much time alone.


7. Long Bangs

Your personality is a mystery, secretive to some extent. Your entangled long locks hold secrets which create an enigma around you. You can be a control freak sometimes, work with things better if they are familiar with it. You tend to draw problems towards yourself. Being the mysterious you, nobody knows the real you. Also, you don’t let people know your authentic self. You enjoy the power to yourself and usually are gentle.


8. Short Hair

The persona of a perfectionist, you want everything to be perfect. You keep calm when things go as you like them to be. You want your close relatives and loved ones to be safe, want them to follow the same rules and path as yours. You tend to portray yourself as a stronger self but face difficulties in accepting hardship and failure. You tend to have many friends.



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