Check What Heart Breaks Does To Your Body


Heartbreaks are the worst in anyone’s life. It causes many problems like stress, depression, anxiety, body pain and destroys your mental as well as emotional wellness. Recovery from this trauma is arduous and it, is also possible that you need to visit a doctor to overcome this problem.


Heartbreaks lead you to insomnia and will not let you keep calm. When people face heartbreak, then it will lead them to stress and sadness. Continues thoughts keep on going on your mind, and you are unable to get over it which cause sleeplessness and fatigue.

Stress Level

Heartbreaks lead to extreme level stress. This increase in stress level is very sudden and unpredictable. High-stress levels can create many problems like exhaustion and vulnerability.

Physical Pain

It is true that heartbreak even leads to physical pain. You may have a headache, heartache or stomach ache. Not just this it can also lead to full body pain.

Loss of appetite

The person may also lose his normal appetite because of the heartbreak. But in some cases, the desire may be increased. It all depends upon the kind of person you are. This irregular appetite may lose or gain your weight. If you don’t want any further complications towards your health, then you need to keep a check on your diet.

Extreme Sadness

Extreme sadness can also describe as depression, and it is something which must not take lightly. Heartbreaks badly affect your mental stability. If in case you feel very sad and depressed must visit a doctor and take care of your mental health.

Inability to concentrate

Heartbreaks disconnect you from the essential things in your life. You lose your focus and determination to do any task. Further, it can lead to forgetting things and make you wonder what are you doing and why are you doing.

Slow Heart Rate

It has proven through many types of research that if any lousy experience occurs in your life, then it directly affects your heart rate. Your heart rate gets slow down and badly affects your circulatory system. It is advisable to you to meet a doctor and take proper medication to cure yourself.

Increase sensitivity

When a person gets a heartbreak, then they become more sensitive and vulnerable in their life. It is also possible that you may get very hurt by listening to any rude comments or wrong statements about you. It is essential for a person in this stage of his life that he should adopt positive things and get away from any negativity.


In this situation, the person may behave differently as they get hurt very quickly, so they avoid this by distancing themselves from everyone. They most of the times seen closed in their rooms and even they refuse to meet their friends and family.

Complete Withdrawal

A person how to have a heartbreak will experience some withdrawal symptoms. Just like a nicotine addict when he quits smoking. It is a complicated time phase for any person.

Menstruation Problems

Heartbreaks increase stress and increased stress brings a lot of hormonal changes in your body. It disturbs your menstrual cycle and delays your periods. It has proven by several studies that heartbreaks disrupt hormones of your body.

Weak immune system

When you experience a heartbreak with all other problems, then this problem also affects your body. The bad immune system can cause many infections and diseases which will lead to many other issues. The main reason behind all these is your stress level decreases your immunity and cause health problems.

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