Check What A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her


Did you know you’re sleeping habits reveals many things about your personality? And how are you as an individual. Your body language tells about your personality, your behavior and many more. Determine that of the subsequent sleeping positions is your favorite and find out WHO square measure you as someone once you square measure awake.

Body language is nothing but the conscious and unconscious movements of the body. Your posture while sleeping is an unconscious thing. When you sleep your body language tells a lot about your personality, behavior, how you are as a person and how is your inclined towards things. So let’s check out the some of the sleeping positions and what that reveals about your personality.

There are total 9 sleep pattern most common in people that is found by the researchers, sleep scientists and psychologist.  So let’s have a look on the most to the least popular sleep patter.

1. The Fetal position

It is the most popular and the most common sleep position in people. In this you curl your knees in towards your chest.

A study was conducted by Chris Idzikowski the director of the UK’s sleep assessment and advisory service. He found in his research that 41% of people adopted this position of sleeping and there was found that double the women slept in the fetal positions as compared to men.

The sleeping position reveals that this kind of people are sturdy and strong on fist impression but introverted and sensitive at heart when better known. They are though outside and soft inside. They are shy at the beginning but usually opens up and relax quickly.

2. The log

It is also a very common sleep position found in people. In this you sleep lying on your side with your arms by your side.

people who sleep in this position are mostly sociable and even-tempered people. the show a natural inclination with elite people. This people are known as social butterflies. This people are friendly, popular and carefree. It is found that 55% of people sleep in this position.  This sleeping position is great for people having back pain as it keeps you spine straight. if you sleep in the log position you can be assured that your spine is healthier in shape.

3. The yearner

In this you sleep on your side but have your arms stretched out in front of you. This position is also known as the Reacher position as you tend that you are trying to reach something.

This type of people tends to have a complex character. they are a mix combination of open-minded yet cynical. They are open minded to new things but sometimes they are also cynical and suspicious towards things. They suggest all the pros and cons of anything on which they have to take decision. They will take a firm decision only and only when they are fully convinced of what they have planned. The positive side of this people are if they look any decision they mostly don’t change them or regret for their decision. According to research people who sleep in this position mostly don’t have the health issues like acid re-flux and sleep apnea.

4. The soldier


The name itself tell many things about this sleeping position. In this you sleep on you back with your arms by your side. According to a research only 8% of people sleep in this position. This type of people are strict for rules and regulations. This sleeping position leads to snoring worse condition of sleep apnea. In general in this sleep position you will face poor night sleep. You will not wake up fresh and will feel tired all the day. It is suggested that people who sleep in this position should try flipping so that the can have a restful sleep and wake up fresh and work without getting irritated with full concentration.

It you sleep in this position you are a kind of task maker how set high standards for themselves. You are very strict for you moral system. You are not so fantastic for your health and sleep hygiene.


5. Starfish

This is also the type of sleep position just like its name Starfish. You sprawl out over the entire bed. You sleep very comfortably and carefree. this type of people can also be described as the spread-eagle. This sleep position is a true mattress-hugging. This sleep position reveals that you are a flexible friend. You are a true friend and you always listen to people who want to talk. This people are always found in a group and don’t like to be the center of attraction. You are helpful by your nature tend to help who needs it.

6. The Thinker 

It is more or less similar to the fetal sleeping position. But the difference is that you will always have a hand resting near your chin.

This people tends to be very Emotional. You have both the positive and the negative emotions. You think a lot on anything.

7. The Pillow Hugger

The sleeper hugs the pillow very close to their body. You love to snuggly and cuddled in the bed.

They are generally a kind of – fancy a hug ?

whether it’s family, friends or a major different, pillow huggers love those relationships over everything else.


8. The Stargazer

This is not so much popular position of sleeping. This position can means that the sleep get cool at night. They lye on their back with their arms wrapped around their head.

This kind of sleeper can be known as the Best BFFs. They have a priority for their friends. They can do anything for their loved once. They are a kind of happy go luck and easy going people.


9. The Freefaller

Is this position sleeper lye on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillow and head turned to the side.

This position sleeper can be Geronimo. Geronimo means used to express exhilaration. This people are very bold. They are sociable from outside.  Their zest-exuding exterior will promptly camouflage the actual fact that these folks are literally quite touchy. this people finds difficulty in dealing with criticism and absurd situations.


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