Check Out Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others


Are you fed up from the bites of the mosquitoes and the irritation after that? You will be surprised to know that mosquitoes bite only a few ones and not all. And if you want to know that why mosquitoes bite only some people and not everyone, then yes, you are in the right place. Here you are going to know that why mosquitoes bite only a few people and not everyone.

Mosquitoes, very little ones but when they bite it hurts the most. And the most shocking is that like we people, they also make choices in their foods. And there is nothing wrong to say that there are many people who are more attractive to mosquitoes. And it is because of some factors that you will find below this.

Check out below to know that what are those factors on which basis mosquitoes select their prey:

1. Carbon Dioxide

Yes, you read it right. Mosquitoes use carbon dioxide as their important means for finding the one to which they are going to bite. They use their maxillary palp to find out that who is going to be their next bite target. They can find out about it even from 165 far away. And this is because they bite those people more who exhale more of carbon dioxide. And those who exhale more of this gas is mostly attacked by the mosquitoes.

2. Drinking Beer

According to a study, it is found that those who drink a beer are making a source for mosquitoes to attack and bite them. Even a single bottle of beer can attract mosquitoes towards you. And this is due to the reason that drinking beer increases your body temperature. And your body wants to excrete ethanol and that is excreted through sweat. And the mosquitoes like to bite those who sweat more.


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