Check out Which Eyebrow Shapes Suit Your Face Shape

You need to look in the mirror daily to notice your imperfections properly. If you want a perfect glamorous look forever, then you need to follow some steps. Makeup is not only something which will help you get new face always. If something is off on your face, then you need to look at them and try to resolve them.

Have you ever looked at your eyebrow that how perfectly they et shaped or not? If not then you must know the following shapes of eyebrows on different faces. Here are some methods which can help you get them.

Long Face.


If your face is long, then you might like a curved eyebrow. You would prefer to for a round face and hence must keep eyebrows flat. Arch eyebrows will let you make your face look longer which will not suit your personality. Flat eyebrows can have a slight downward curve, or no curve will help you to reduce your long face size, and your face will look round. Round eyebrow is a perfect choice for making the shape.

Round Face.


This case of the round is just opposite to long face. If you have a round face, then one might wish to make your face look longer. So we need to shape our eyebrows accordingly. For the round face, we need curvy eyebrows or eyebrows with an arch. You need to have sharp or soft shape eyebrows. It depends on your own choice, But you need to avoid the round eyebrows for a round face it will make your face look more round.

Oval Face.


A person is lucky to have an oval shape face as considered by the makeup artists. You can add the mixture of both sharp and arch-shaped eyebrows. It will help you look attractive. Arch eyebrows will give a dimension to its shape. No matter you can also go for dramatic eyebrow shape. Going for sharp eyebrows will not be preferable as much an arch-shaped does.

Square Face.

Having a square jaw is just like a blessing for one. It is the most active feature you might see in someone. You need to give a softer look to your eyebrows as it will add on the element in your face. It will give your more fine look. Your face becomes squarish if your forehead and your jaw are at the same distance. You must keep a curved and thick eyebrow shape.

Heart Shaped Face.

You have a pointed chin in the heart-shaped face. So for this, you need to go for round shaped eyebrows to soften its look. If you want to go for a natural look, then you can also prefer low arch eyebrow. But your face is heart-shaped, and it is long then you can ask for an excellent eyebrow shape from the beautician.

Diamond Face.


If you have a diamond-shaped face, then you can go for sharp and curved eyebrows to soften the stronger and broader cheekbones. Round-Shaped eyebrows will add an element to your face which will help you look attractive to others.

We have talked about the eyebrow shape, and now it turns to know how to shape your eyebrows well.

Threading and tweezing are two methods for giving shape to your eyebrows. It depends upon the requirement of the person to person that which one technique they will go. Across the world, the mixture of both got used for shaping your eyebrows.

Threading means to remove unwanted hair with the help of the particular thread for a clean and perfect look. Professionals at the salon can help you to decide which one yarn to use for making eyebrows. Tweezing is done with an instrument, tweezer. It is a manual method which removes unwanted hair from the roots. Tweezing is readily available to do at home. With this use can stop looking for regular parlor visits.



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