The Impressive And Easy Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Nowadays, The rainbow nail art designs are in trend. We all want to color our nails with the rainbow colors. With the different rainbow nail art designs, we can see all the colors of the rainbow on our nails. There is something extraordinary with the rainbow. The rainbow is lovely and pretty, fun and striking.

We are here with the great list of rainbow nail art patterns. We can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow on our nails.


1. “Rainbow drop marble nail art.”

It is the straightforward and beautiful design. It can also be-be made by the beginners.

“The Materials You Need Are”:

White nail polish, various other colors of your choice to create a rainbow effect, a thick needle, three different sized dotting tools


1. Paint your nails with white nail paint.

2. Make three dots with different colors with different dotting tools on every nail.

3. As shown in the above picture, pull the dots in one direction with the thick needle.

4. Repeat the step on all nails.

5. After the art, paint all the nails with the top coat.


2. “A rainbow ladder.”

“The Materials You need.”

A small sized rectangular brush, white nail polish, multiple colors of nail paints, nail striper, black nail polish.


1. Paint your all nails with white color.

2. Take a rectangular brush and make a square with red color on all the nails in different places.

3. Take other colors and do the same.

4. Now by using the striper, create a stripe on either side of the nails to give them the shape of a ladder.

5. Finish the nail art with top coat.


3. “Floral rainbow ombre.”

“The Material You Need Are:”

The nail polish of pastel colors like green, yellow, blue, and pink, Dotting tools, white nail polish, makeup sponge, toothpick


1. Color your index finger with white nail paint, ring finger and thumb with blue color, middle and pinky finger with pink color.

2. Dip the sponge in green color and make ombre on the blue color. Repeat the process with a different color on different fingers.

3. Create rainbow polka dots with the help of dotting tool on all the nails.

4. Create the texture on the nails with the help of a toothpick.

5. At last, complete it with the top coat.


4. “Rainbow glitters.”

“Materials You Need Are:”

White nail paint, other different nail paint color, sponge, sparkle nail paint.


1. Paint all your nails with the white color.

2. Take a sponge and dip the sponge in two different colors parallelly.

3. Put the colored sponge on your nail and press it.

4. Repeat the process with all the nails.

5. At last, paint your all nails with sparkle nail paint for the top coat.


5. “Pauly shore¬†would be proud.”


6. “Very creative rainbow trees.”


7. “The cloudy rainbow art.”


The nail paints of sky blue, pink, white, purple, and orange color, a sellotape, and a brush.


1. Firstly paint your all nails with the transparent nail paint.

2. Now paint all your nails with different colors except the thumb.

3. Use sellotape and cut in small sizes and place on a thumb to paint with different colors so that the colors do not get mix with each other.

4. Draw a cloud like a shape using the brush with white color on the thumb.

5. Finish the process with the top coat.


8. “Sparkling or amazing.”


9. “Stellar.”


Different color nail paints, a brush.


1. Paint all your nails with white nail paint.

2. Take a brush and make stripes with different colors on all the nails to make all the colors of the rainbow on your nails.

3. Finish it off with the top coat.


10. “Now that’s perfect.”



11. “Tiger Strips”


12. “Animal rainbow.”


13. “Welcome to China”


14. “Rainbow Brite”


15. “Perfect rainbow.”






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