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Have you gone through anything like blood type horoscopes? Yes, blood type horoscopes are something that determines your fate according to the blood type you have. This may or may not be true as still there are no valid proofs to accept this correlation, but some of the cultures and societies have recognized it as a practical thing. Japan is a perfect example where even magazines are published regarding matching of one’s personality with a particular blood type, and one is asked for his blood type in an interview to check whether he will fit in that specific job or not. Hence, blood types have not only its concern for matching donors but also for several other things. Sometimes, it may also be-be referred by some of the people for matching partners. Indeed, it may or may not be the case, here are some astrological facts related to a particular blood type.



A Type(A+,A-)

A is the most common blood type. The people with A blood group are most sensitive, cooperative, smart and passionate. They can also be shy and withdrawn. Overtimes, they may become tense and impatient but can keep themselves calm because of their strength. These are very responsible and success-craving people but also may take a lot of stress owing to some losses. These are most artistic and creative people of all blood types due to their sensitivity.


B Type(B+,B-)

Most practical people of all blood types are Bs type people. The people with B blood type form third highest blood type population. These people may be sensitive, but they are very thoughtful. They are goal-oriented and are focused on their task. They don’t take up a project without getting even very minor details of it. They are also very ambitious and hence turns out to be right leaders. They are less cooperative as they are more into following the self-made rules. Because they consider thoughts over feelings, they may appear very cold and severe.


AB Type(AB+,AB-)

These possess the least number of people but is the most popular blood type. As these contain both A and B type antigens, these possess the characteristics of both. For instance, they can be shy and outgoing at the same time. They are charming, spiritual and active and thus, tend to enjoy their lives full of joy and enthusiasm. They no doubt trustworthy and responsible but sometimes, are flaky and are happy to help their ones only. They don’t like being asked from others and are more into doing their own business and sometimes, are stressed up very much.


O Type(O+,O-)

Most flexible of all blood types, O blood type is the largest populous blood type with more than 35% of all the people. This is the independent blood type. And ones having this blood type are called loners and leaders. They are daring, focused and intuitive. They value the opinions of the others. They are full of energy and are outgoing and also wants to be the center of attraction. They know how to deal with stress practically but always feel better if they go for regular physical exercises.

Here, we have a general rule of compatibilities.

The people with blood type A are mostly compatible with people of blood types A’s and AB’s.

The people with blood type B are mostly compatible with people of blood types B’s and AB’s.

The people with blood type  AB are mostly compatible with people of blood types AB’s, B’s, A’s, O’s.

The people with blood type O are mostly compatible with people of blood types O’s and AB’s.


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