Check Out Weather You Style Your Hair According To Your Face Or Not!


When you’re about have a haircut, consider the type of face cut you bear and also the kind of body shape you’ve got. Thinking just about the length of your hair isn’t the only aspect you need to keep in mind. Your face shape should be considered an essential element when you are planning on for a haircut. You don’t wish for a broad forehead to appear more extensive than it is and a round face to look way rounder, right? Choosing the proper cut you can make a strong jawline look a little softer or a square shaped face look less little wide.

We present you with some suggestions for choosing your hairstyle by your face cut.

Face shape: ROUND

A round face is characterized by the length of your face similar to the width of the rounded corners of your forehead and chin.

Hairstyles that’ll work:

Try layers in the area of the crown to add a little height, if you wish to add something that is different, try out uneven cuts for long or medium length hair. A wispy layer, a deeply sided with some long side-swept bangs with tapered edges, these will help you flatter you best. Make sure to keep your hair length below your chin to avoid making your face look rounder.

Things to avoid:

Hairstyles like super short hair – also a straight box-shaped fringe and blunt cuts won’t help you much with your face cut. Don’t opt for a short bob either, but just in luck, you can try out the LOB which will work for your face shape. If you do wish for some short hairstyle, then go for pixie cut with lots of choppy and spiky layers. There’s one more thing, avoid tying your hair back into a tight, sleek ponytail. Instead, keep few loose strands of hair in the front to add some frame to your beautiful face.


Face shape: HEART

Wider foreheads and cheekbones characterize this face type with a comparatively narrower chin.

Hairstyles that’ll work:

The types that’ll help you frame your face better are the soft layers around your face. You can opt for heavy bangs, even choppy layers, and shoulder-length styles. If you wish to grow your hair length out, go for long layered waves and rooted sided hair. If not for long hair, go for a bouncy bob that falls just below your sharp jawline, it works well to conceal the triangular shape of your face. Also, rock the look with pixie cut complimented with side bangs.

Things to avoid:

Centre-parted hair draws attention to your broad forehead. Also, long hair which isn’t accompanied by face-hugging layers will emphasize a lot on your thin chin.


Face shape: SQUARE

This face cut is characterized by an intense and broader forehead and jaw. The forehead and jaw are of the same width.

Hairstyles that work:

Shoulder leveled blunt cuts work best for you. For softening your robust features, opt for side-swept bangs. You are blessed with such a strong chin if you wish to keep it discrete then go with shoulder length and light layers of hair. Go for a short layered bib that tapers to your chin level for shifting the attention to your cheekbones. For a hot look, you can even opt for pushing your hair without any parting.

Things to avoid:

Avoid sporting short hair; they’ll make your features appear a little harsh and emphasize on your square-shaped face.


Face shape: OVAL

Oval shaped face cut is characterized by a similar length of your forehead and jaw. Your face’s length is longer than it is wide.

Hairstyles that’ll work:

You’re blessed with the best face shape. That’s because your face shape goes well with any hairstyle from angular bobs to some super long locks with a lot of layers or not too many most of all. Also, your face is a type that was designed for many experiments. So, if you’re thinking about an edgy crop, go for it! You can go for blunt bangs as well if you’re planning not to make your face look too long. A center partition also works best for you.

Things to avoid:

Well, that’s nothing! Go on try ou any and every hairstyle!

Face shape: DIAMOND

Like the shape of a diamond, this face cut is characterized by narrow forehead and chin, your cheekbones are broader and are high.

Hairstyles that’ll work:

There are a lot of hairstyles that’ll work with this face cut, ranging from a blunt chin-length style to long hairstyle with a wispy bang. When coupled with face-framing layers shoulder length hair look amazing on you. A fringe always works for you along with girly waves.

Things to avoid:

Lot of volume to your hair and too many layers don’t compliment your face as they make it fuller on your cheeks,




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