Check out the Simplest and Easiest Makeup Hacks for Busy Ladies!

Hey there, busy ladies! I know how important your work but don’t you want to look trendy and fashionable at your workplace? You’ve got to stay in style Lady! Time is a most valuable thing. So, not to waste any more of it; here are some hacks for you to look as beautiful as ever.

For a matter of fact, makeup is only a tool to enhance your beauty. It’s just a way to re-invent yourself. It’s a medium to re-create yourself. This article is all about saving your time. Without wasting any of your time, here are some everyday makeup tips for you to keep every minute you can. Be it parties or any other evening; there’s everything here.

Have a look ladies:

1. Smokey eyes in navy blue:

Put the white eyeshadow on the base, which is the easiest way to make smokey eyes. Next, line the lash using the black eyeliner/eye-pencil.  This will create a better looking, fuller eyes. For the final effortless touch, apply navy blue eyeshadow. Blend the color smoothly with a blending sponge. This will spice up your look, give way to the traditional black smokey eye.



2. Smokey eye with sparkly touch!

For a special night, opt for this sparkly smokey eye. It’ll grab only minutes out of your schedule and turn you into a glam lady! But, do it right or else this might turn into a disaster. Apply glittery eyeshadow over the base of your eye makeup. First, apply the primary smokey eye then add the magic touch of sparkle. Use grey or brown colored glitter eyeshadow to get the best results.


3. The Easiest Smokey Eye:

Another way for a smooth smokey eye is applying the bold black eyeliner over the eyelid, shade it with the shade of eyeshadow you want on top. Blend the eyeshadow properly to get best results. This one works one for those who wish for smudgy smokey eye effect.


4. Enlarge your Eyes:

This look is best for daytime, making your eye-popping magnificent. To get this look, apply white eyeshadow on your eyelids, blend the different creases using the nude/earth color and apply brown shadow with a thin pointed brush. The brown eyeshadow adds a natural effect to your eyelid. If you wish to add a little retro look, create a soft colored cat liner at the ends of your eye.


5. Smokey Brown eye:

Brown is the closest color to your skin. It is the color of the earth; shade. This idea of the smokey eye will impart a natural look to your eyes. The steps to this are quite impressive. Draw a hashtag sign at the end of your eyelid. Blend it gently using your finger. Lastly, coat your lashes with mascara.


6. Make Deep Creases:

This technique  create an illusion of enlarged eyes.This is the magic of the colors white and grey. They create an illusion of bigger eyes than they are. The trick here is not to use eyeliner or eye pencil, use only the eyeshadow to create this enigmatic look.


7.Smudge your Eyeliner:

This is an exciting and fun tip. Check out this cheat to master this technique. Apply the eyeliner, as usual, draw a brown line using an eye-pencil above the base of the liner. Smoothen the harsh edges using a brush.


8. Enlarge your eyes Naturally:

Gold is the better color when you opt for a natural look. Line the lower lash using a golden eyeshadow to give a nude/natural glow. Leave a tint of earthy/nude color to counterbalance the golden glow. Apply some mascara for the better finish.


9. Bronze; soft look:

This is another form of natural-looking makeup. Involves the bronze color. Bronze is an excellent color to choose on occasions you want to emphasize on your face. On the outer corners of your eye, blend brownish bronze color and the inner with shimmery cream color eyeshadow.


10. Neutral eyes with a Shimmer:

One shimmery brown shade is all you need to give your eyes a glittery/shimmer neutral look. Apply it on the entire eyelid, line with eyeliner and add the masterstroke of the mascara at the end.


Try these fantastic hacks out, ladies! 



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