Check out the gorgeous makeup styles to try this year

With the New Year at our doorsteps, it’s time to learn some new makeup trends which will make you look gorgeous. Some of the patterns have faded away, but that’s not a problem as we can reuse them and add something of our own in it.

The clumsy lashes and the faux freckles – It was never the time when the people used to make their eyelashes clumpy. Though life can surprise you with many things, this is one of them. The look is crazy and elegant yet straightforward which can make you the center of attraction of any party. You just need to pick up your mascara and wiggle it with the help of thin wand back and forth until it thickens your eyelashes. This should be done for both the eyelashes top to bottom.

The white wing liner – Now, its time to let go of your black winged liner. The trend is over and out. It’s time now to accept the white wing ship for the new trendsetting. This will give your eyes a natural pop, and you might look edgy sometimes as well. It is essential to keep the rest of your face natural if you apply the white wing liner. The idea should be to use some natural color instead of the mascara or the dark eyelashes. This is the new trending look for the women these days.

The Cobalt blue wing liner – It is like a major comeback for the new trends in the market. It will make you look sensual and attractive. You can add a touch of the cobalt blue eyeliner top to bottom at your eyelashes with some blooming effect to it. This will intensify your look together. If you want to add smog, you can do it on the lids to strengthen the look. Lighten your skin and make it look perfect but always remember not to overpower the look or the surface.

The glossy black cherry lips – The trend of Matte lips might not be over till now, but this is something which is more exciting than the typical trend. They look hot and sizzling on girls, and you can wear it to any of the parties, and you will be the center of the universe with this style on your personality. This will give you a bold look. To identify the procedure, you must add a clear gloss on the top and create an effect with the shimmer to make them look shiny. Also, do not forget to add mascara to the eyes to complete the look.

The sunkissed glow effect – This is the effect which will make your skin glow naturally. This will add a natural skin glow effect to your skin which can further be enhanced by adding some caramel tones to the surface. In case you have a light complexion, then you can add the champagne tones to the face to improve the sun-kissed glow on your skin.

The chestnut-colored lipstick – The trending brown has become the top of the list for the females nowadays. This has enhanced the look of the people in the most efficient way. Chestnut is the nude color which is considered perfect for the ladies. One of the best benefits of it is that it works with all the colors and skin tones and looks good on everyone equally. It also defines the undertone as well. The seamless look can be created with the help of the chestnut colored lipstick.

The sunset shades – No female ever thought, that orange could be the color they would wear. But now, the orange and the yellow colors have made some trends, and the sunset shadows are creating a space in the industry. You can also blend the mixture of orange and yellow when applying to your lips to obtain a shade that you like, or you are looking for. This will help you look fresh as a sunrise. The sunset shadows are a must try for all the young women.

The flirty lashes and the nude pink lips – In case you have thick eyelashes, then this makeup style will be the best for you. You merely have to put on the thick mascara with the multiple coats of the mascara even if it there appears clumps on your eyelashes. Don’t put on the artificial eyelashes as it looks good on the real ones only. Try keeping your face as nude as possible, and the pink color which is nude should be the one to be used instead of the matte lipstick. The simpler the look, the best it will look on you.

Dark eyes and the lips – The age-old beauty rule now does not exist, as the trend has been set up for the bold look. The bold look includes bold eyes and bright lips at the same time. It’s high time now to bring out the combination of dark lips and eyes together to make a better bold combination. The brown smokey eyes along with the tan lip color will suit under this. Try selecting a combination which balances out the darkness in each other.

The bare face and the red lips – The red lips always look classic, and it can be used even for a formal event or function. This is entirely in trends. The look will only complement if you make it go with a bare face. It is necessary to keep your face as natural as possible and give the definition to your lips only. You just need to add a foundation and a bit of concealed in order making a flawless complexion. Next, you just need to add a bold red colored lipstick to get a class tone.

The No Makeup look – This is the most trending look presently in the industry. It is going to stay in the industry for a long time. In this, there is nothing much to do as you only have to wear a light foundation and a concealer and this will ideally keep your skin naturally. A light shade of mascara and a light tone of lipstick will go with this.




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