Check Out The Fake Pictures Which Went Viral For No Reasons


The Internet is a means of learning good things, but some people misuse the use of the internet. We come to meet the whole world with the help of internet. This is a source we happen to know more about the celebrities and their achievements. Now and then a new photoshopped picture of the stars is posted in the browser.

Some people think that they are genius that they make fault images of the person and such images had never existed in the world, and this is all due to their genius mind.

Let’s have a look at such fake images of the celebrities and try to see what is the difference in them.

1. Tom Hanks’ political t-shirt

image When Tom got familiar with the picture, then he posted his original photo on the Twitter account and later it was proved that his image was photoshopped.

2. Jennifer Aniston with a buzzcut

Again a celebrity Jennifer Aniston was trolled for being bald. Her bald picture was posted on the Facebook and people assumed that she has got cancer, but then it was revealed that the photo had been photoshopped and the original picture is from the movie, Friends with Money (2006).

3. Justin Timberlake has so many nationalities

Justin Timberlake was also trolled with his old photograph in which he was holding a poster in his hand with the words written as “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” but this picture of him was photoshopped with holding a poster written as “I am Serbian, I am Bosnian, I am Croatian, I am human #floods #help #donation #solidarity #Serbia #Bosnia #Croatia”

4. Paris Hilton’s photoshopped t-shirt

Paris was trolled the most when her photo was photoshopped in which she was wearing a t-shirt on which it was written “Stop Being Desperate” but the word Desperate was replaced with the word Poor, but many people attended her event, and so she was saved from this fake picture, and the truth was out.

5. Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

The posture of Megan Fox was launched in the year 2012, and it was assumed to be the official poster for the movie, but then the truth was revealed that the picture was fake and she is not at all related to the movie while every single DC Comics fan was excited for this.

6. Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence’s fake kiss

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