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When someone breaks your heart, it’s like the end of the world. It’s like a giant hole is pummeled into our chest, with no hope of repair. There is no more significant pain than heartbreak. It’s more like a curse a person won’t wish upon even their worst enemies. Heartbreak is not only characterized by the romantic partner who hurts you. It can come through a family conflict, breakups in friendships or the breaking of trust. Heartbreaks are depressing, stressful, traumatizing, and can drain a person emotionally thereby making it difficult to recover.

Here are 15 things that happen to the body when someone breaks your heart :

1. Too Much Stress

Heartbreak can cause a high level of stress which leads to various complications like increased exhaustion and vulnerability. One can reduce stress by indulging in different leisure activities as much as possible.

2. Physical Pain

When you get viciously heartbroken, it can feel like someone has punched you in the stomach, knocking out all the wind. Nothing is physically done to you, but your brain keeps telling your body that the pain is real. Heartbreaks register the power to lead to real bodily pains including heartaches, stomachaches, etc.

3. Loss of Appetite

Heartbreaks can cause irregularities in appetite too. There can be increase or decrease in food consumption which can result in weight loss or weight gain. A person must regulate his diet to prevent complications. Many people find themselves with little or no appetite in the days, weeks and months following a heartbreak.

4. Extreme Sadness

As much as a person wants to move on, a part of him still wants to pause and savor the experience of grief, to remember the worst and the best part of heartbreak. Heartbreaks lead to depression which results in profound psychological impact. Sadness and heightened emotional state are typical reactions when someone breaks your heart.

5. Inability To Concentrate

Heartbreaks nearly disrupt every area of life. It stops you from doing anything you enjoy making it incredibly difficult to focus on work. Heartbreak can have a vital effect on your concentration which further leads to forgetfulness. You start to make mistakes and don’t know how to do even your routine work.

6. Slow Heart Rate

It was proved by various researchers that any traumatizing experience, like heartbreaks can slow down the heart rate which can harm the circulatory system. As we all know that our feelings dynamically influence our heart, passion and connections and the pain of loneliness can be physically felt in our hearts, and affect our blood pressure, heart rate and pump action.

7. Sleeplessness

Heartbreak is the primary factor responsible for sleeplessness or insomnia. A person experiences sleeplessness as during the day all of the brains energy is going towards keeping you functioning. Thus at nighttime all the sadness and aching and pain that was suppressed during the day comes rushing out, demanding to be felt, consumed and acknowledged. It does not matter how much you toss and turn sleep seems to elude you. And the more you force yourself to sleep, the more awake you feel.

8. Increased Sensitivity

When someone breaks your heart, you become more susceptible to pain and anguish. The best you can do during a heartbreak is stay away from negativity as even slight comments or remarks can hurt you more than it did before. Heartbreak can be particularly devastating for highly sensitive and vulnerable people as it makes them feel emotions more intensely.

9. Solitude

A heartbroken person becomes more vulnerable and sensitive which makes them more prone to getting hurt again and again. You feel the need to be alone, and therefore you end up locking yourself in a room and refuse to meet or talk to anybody. You don’t like people seeing you in your most vulnerable state. It’s good to have some alone time, but one should always try to go out and feel alive again.

10. Complete Withdrawal

Our body goes through withdrawal during heartbreak. You start to feel like an addict. You cannot get the person who broke your heart out of your mind. Your routine changes the moment the person you shared it with is gone. Thus it becomes completely normal to have withdrawal symptoms during heartbreak.

11. Delayed Menstruation

Heartbreak alters the menstrual cycle. It causes stress which disrupts the menstruation process. Several studies have proved that periods are delayed due to heartbreaks. Some women may even experience missed periods while under pressure. Stress suppresses the functioning of the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is responsible for controlling pituitary gland which further regulates the thyroid and adrenal glands and the ovaries. Heartbreak not only hurts a women’s heart but also effects the femininity as well.

2. Weak Immune System

Heartbreaks make our body vulnerable to various diseases and infections. When a person is emotionally hurt, his immune system becomes weak too. A weak immune system is an inevitable effect of stress. Heartbreaks increase pressure which leads to a nervous, immune system.

13. Loss Of Hair

Stress brought about by heartbreak causes hair loss. Experiencing irregular hair loss during heartbreak is very common these days. Hair loss caused by some emotional trauma or stress might go for as long as you are suffering the heartbreak. Hair can fall out in patches or all at once due to stress.

14. Cramps

Our bodies repel being hurt because there is no more significant pain than heartbreak. Prolonged stress causes a woman to suffer from menstrual cramps which further intensifies the emotional turmoil women are going through a heartbreak. There are numerous activities that a woman should perform to reduce the effect of menstrual cramps.

15. Self-doubt

People began to doubt their self and their worth during heartbreak as it shakes your confidence. Self-doubt is the worst possible experience after heartbreak, and you end up questioning every decision, action and all the choices you have made.

Heartbreaks are severe at times, but one can overcome the suffering with the support of friends and family. During heartbreaks, one much reaches out to a confident person and pour his heart out. Heartbreaks are very painful; it leaves behind the soul and the body crumbling. Regardless of the situation always keep in mind that it’s okay to feel all these signs in your body. So a person suffering from a heartbreak should keep telling himself that he is healthy and brave, and can make it.


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