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The ultra charmer for every female except the makeup is the eyeliner. It enhances the woman’s beauty and makes them look gorgeous and attractive. The whole composition remains incomplete if it the eyeliner has not been applied. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to put on the eyeliner most appropriately. Using eyeliner, it’s also not the most straightforward task in the world. There are many tricks and tips which must be followed to get the perfect shape and boundary for the eyes. The ideal the eyeliner, the most perfect will be your look. Every female must learn the art of applying the eyeliner. Without eyeliner, life would be a waste Right?  So, for doing that you need to learn some tips and tricks to use the eyeliner with perfection. The best method should be followed to determine the best skill for applying the eyeliner.

There are varieties of styles of applying eyeliner which has been invented, but the best one must be followed to feel comfortable and beautiful. The unique method should be learned to get the most affordable look on your face. The woman’s beauty can be easily enhanced with the help of the eyeliner. One must always learn the best tricks to apply the eyeliner most conveniently and appropriately for improving the looks. There are a variety of styles which has been invented for the designing of the eyeliner.

There are many things which have to be kept in mind before applying the same. The best method is always in demand and should be preferred which is comfortable as well as convenient. The recent trend of the eyeliner was the cat look, which was in trending for a few days.  Every girl from a rational human being to an actress follow the cat style trend to look more attractive. The cat eyeliner enhances the sense of freedom inside our souls. However, there are many ways you can try it with. Some of the easiest ways to apply the cat eyeliner has been listed below for the ease and convenience of the audience.

The first tip is to try it with the triangle shape. Under this, you only need to draw lines in a triangular shape and them merge them making a compact way which will give you a look made up of a cat eye charm.

The next tip is that you can also use tape to provide a shape to the liner. In case you have shaky hands and are unable to shape your ship in a perfect format then you can use the tape to that. You just need to stick the tape in the form of a sixty-degree angle on both sides of the eyes from the eyebrows. Then you can draw a line with that aspect and then lead it towards the lashes which will give you a complete look for your party. This is the most affordable method of learning the art of eyeliner making.

Even if you are still uncomfortable with the tape method and the other method, you can opt for the pen liners. There are eyeliners which come in the form of sketch pens and brush form as well. You can use them efficiently like color or a sketch pen. Then there is also one more method such as the use of concealer to hide the unshaped out of the eyes. In case, the eyeliner has spread the most out of it from the eyes; then you can use the concealer to hide out the unshaped portion out of the same. The concealer will save you from the mess. However, the primary method of applying the eyeliner is to start asking it from the middle of the lashes and then gradually to increase the thickness. First, use it in small amounts and then increase it gradually.







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