Check Out Some Reasons Why Emma Watson Can Become The Girl Of Your Dreams


We are the great fans of Hollywood industry and why we should not be? It is true that Hollywood industry is much vast and is difficult for us to maintain our most favorite choice in movies. No matter we love some of the great personalities, but we should not forget that there is a massive competition in the industry. We love seeing that competition among the stars.

Today I would like to pay tribute to one of such great personalities, and she is Emma Watson. She is the ruler of many hearts in this world. She is a beautiful lady best known for portraying the role of Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter. Emma rose to fame after the movie. She appeared in all the Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011. Also, she got worldwide recognition along with $60 million.

Emma continued to work for her career after the movie with the television role of the novel Ballet Shoes. Emma has made her position secure in such a way that she has become the most admired lady in the world. Many other women like to copy her style. And if we talk about men, then they would want to have someone like Emma Watson in their lives as she is so cute, funny, sweet, intelligent, and empathetic.

Here are some reasons which can prove that why someone would like to have female like her in their life.

1. She knows what she wants in men and what she doesn’t

Emma is an independent woman. She does not want anyone to judge her, and she does not believe someone who is judging a person till she talks to him or her. She knows what kind of person she likes. There is no right for anyone to talk about it.

2. She wants bad boys (in a Tom Felton kind of way, not in a Draco Malfoy kind of way)

Emma will look for those boys those are not good in the eyes of other people. It means that she likes bad boys. The reason for which we can say that Emma is unique is her choice of admiring people. She is an entirely different lady.

3. She is amazing with kids

Emma loves spending time with the kids. She is having a different way of talking and spending time with them. Even if your younger brother and sister would go and meet her, they would love her for a reason.

4. She loves animals as much as you

It is true that animals are good friends of human beings if humans will also have the same affection towards them. Emma is an animal lover that means she is a good citizen.

5. She knows the exact definition of feminism

What is the real meaning of feminism for you? For Emma feminism does not mean hating the man and also it does not mean judging woman. According to her feminism implies equality among people.

6. She can be the perfect dancer

No matter that if Emma is not too good at dancing but she is a goofy dancer as like you and she can be a good dancer she practices it.

7. She knows how to clean up good

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If you see the Yule Ball of Emma’s body, then you will get that she knows how to keep herself clean throughout the day.

8. She loves to read

No matter Emma is perfect at giving you the best suggestions for the looks but don’t forget she can give you perfect advice on reading books.


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