Check out Some Leak Of The Plot Of “Avengers 4” By “Deadpool 2”


The movie, “Avengers: The Infinity War” is the highest earning Marvel movie till today’s date. And most probably the upcoming movie, Avengers 4 which is going to release in the next year 2019 on 3rd May is going to break this record. But the movie, “Deadpool 2” offers some respite for the people who just can’t wait for a year to get to know how all or I should say the remaining ones of their favorite superheroes come together and defeat Thanos.

This can go without saying that there are going to be some spoilers below for both the movies. You should watch both the film. If you have not seen these films then you must visit cinemas, watch the films, and come back to read this article.

Now. it is the time me to ask questions from you. So let me ask a question from you. The question is “What is the plot of Deadpool 2?” In its subplot, Deadpool is avenging his dead girlfriend. I think that’s the subplot at its best. The plot of the movie, Deadpool 2 totally revolves around Cable traveling back in time to the present time. So that before he turns an evil, he can kill Russel Collins. So talking to it pretty straightforward, See how the movie should be a comic book.

But if we don’t know about it, yet this movie may just have ended up by giving the biggest spoiler for the movie, “Avengers 4”. Read the article to find out what is it.

The people those have watched the movie, Do you remember the scene in which Cable is standing over the burnt bodies of his wife and child? He turns to his time travel after he picks up his daughter’s teddy bear. The time travel that he watches a few time ago before vanishing into the thin air. The next thing that we know about him is that he is in a field of the present day somewhere.

The next day when we see the Cable in the movie when he uses the time travel watch is at the end of the movie when he goes back once more to save Deadpool, instead of going forward in future so he can be with his family. Don’t you think it is quite the sacrifice he did in the movie?

Let me tell you if you may not have guessed it yet that the focus is here on the time traveling watch that Cable which is later on Deadpool was wearing. It is an important part of the movie, “Deadpool 2”. It was going to be an integral part of the movie, Avengers 4, according to that little bit we know about it. If you don’t believe this then just take a look at this picture which is taken from the sets of “Avengers 4”.

There are two things in the picture which we need to notice here. The first thing is that the Captain America is wearing the suit that looks like his suit from the first Avengers movie. The second thing that you need to notice is that What is on his left hand. The thing on his left-hand looks like a timepiece. What the hell, it looks similar to that. It’s mind blown.

He is not only the Avenger who is wearing this time traveling device on his left hand in the movie, but also there are Iron Man, and Ant-Man have been spotted wearing the same time traveling device too.

Now it’s the time to compare these time-traveling timepieces with the one which The Cable was using in the movie, Deadpool 2.

By noticing both the things in two different movies, it is confirmed that the remaining Avengers are going to go back in time through time travel device in “Avengers 4” to save its days.

This can be the theory with the most meat, according to which we would like to believe the Russo brothers are fooling us by letting ou such an obvious spoiler, whose chances are being nothing more than a  lead on, are slim.

You need to hold your horses. We have not completed the story yet. Let me confirm you that this is my option and you have every right to disagree. You must listen to me before you head to the comments on that how much that I “don’t know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe” and what a “Shitty writer” I am.

Who believe this theory to be correct for those of you, here are a couple of ways things could go in “Avengers 4” based on what we know and the photos that have been released from the sets.

Theory 1:

This theory is the obvious one. According to this theory, the superheroes those survived in the movie, Thanos dreaded finger snap, and they go back using the time traveling watches to defeat him before Thanos becomes so much powerful.

There is only one problem with this theory; it takes out the very essence of “Avengers: The Infinity war” if it turns out to be true. That movie would end up as a filler.

I do not mean that the movie, “Avengers: Infinity War” would be the waste of time if everything is fixed by “Avengers 4”. I just want to say that if “Avengers 4” goes same like that happened in “Avengers: Infinity War” then it would be like a master reset on everything that we have seen since “Avengers”, and that would not be fair to other movies that are going to the audience.

Theory 2:

This is the theory number 2. This theory shows all the scenes we are seeing from the battle of New York are nothing more than Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing which enabled recreations that the remaining Avengers are using to figure out their mistakes where they went wrong and the ways how they can defeat Thanos. We recommend you to watch “Captain America: Civil War” again if you don’t remember BARF( Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing).

In this movie, Time travel is not used, but this movie features a time jump. This will take us to many years into the future, which shows the effect of Thanos finger snap over time.

On the closing note, if rumors are to be true and believed, “Avengers 4” would really be the last time in which we are going to see Chris Evans. Let’s wait to see what will happen in Avengers 4.


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