Check Out Some Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Eye Bags


Swelling of eyes is natural and it is visible puffy eyes do not look good on our face So here I am going to provide some of the home remedies to get rid of these eye bags. So here the list goes

# Using tea bags


Hot water and tea bags


Put the tea bags in warm water for 5 minutes and then take that tea bags out and keep it over the swelling of eyes. Keep them there for 30 minutes at least and put a cloth above tea bags.

Do this three times a day for better results. The main ingredient is caffeine which helps to reduce the swelling.

# Using essential oils


One tablespoon water

One drop lemon oil

One drop lavender oil

One drop chamomile oil


Take a bowl and mix them well and then massage the paste under your eyes later in the morning wash your face.

Do this daily to remove eye bags, and you will see results within a week But use this very wisely it can irritate sometimes. So take care while using this.

# Witch hazel


Cotton pads and 2-3 teaspoons witch hazel


The first step you have to do is put the cotton pads in the witch hazel and soak them for around 5 minutes, and next step is to take out that pads and put it on your eyes and leave it for 20 minutes maximum.

You can do it thrice a day to see the improvements. Well white hazel is an excellent natural ingredient, and it also tightens your skin, and it also acts as a natural astringent. You should try this home remedy at your home, and you can see the difference clearly in some days.

# Use of coconut oil for puffy eyes


The only element which you need for this remedy is pure coconut oil.


You have to do the massage around your eyes in both the direction anticlockwise and clockwise and do not wash the face quickly after this. Leave this for the whole night, and in the morning you can wash your face.

Do this remedy daily for first outputs, and the reason why these remedy works are the coconut oil contains lauric acid which reduces the inflammation and also provides the nutrients which are essential to our skin. This will help you to get rid of puffy eyes.

# Use of  coffee grounds to remove eye bags

Main ingredients:

Cotton wipes

One tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder

1/2 tablespoon ground coffee beans


Take a bowl and mix the coconut oil black pepper and coffee beans carefully and then apply the mixture under your eyes and leave it for at least 10 minutes and then instead of washing your face clean your face with the face wipes.

Do this twice a week for better results and you know black pepper is perfect for blood circulation and the caffeine which is in the coffee can reduce your inflammation very fast. And coconut oil the function of this is not to let your skin be dry it will moisturize your skin.

# cold spoon

You might be amazed how the spoon can help you but here is the method


You need just four to five spoons


You have to use cold teaspoons so firstly you have to make it bitter. Place the teaspoons in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then take them out and put the cold spoon on your eyes. Remember that curve side should be downwards. Do this for 15 minutes.

You can do this thrice a week for fast results. It will lessen your swelling of eyes and helps to relax your muscles. I guess this is the most natural remedy till now and in this, you do not need any ingredients too and moreover no side effects.



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