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A double chin is the layer of fat deposited under your chin. It may be a sign of overweight or obesity, but it may not always be the case. Genetic issues can also form it. It may also result due to the condition of body loosening due to aging. Double chin may occur both to men and women and hence is not a gender-specific issue. Before removing you with surgery, you should first try to remove it by massing and exercising. To strengthen and tone your muscles in the chin area, we have here some easy exercise that can help you lift your double chin. You can repeat these exercises 10-15 times a day for the best results.


Whistling is a very simple and easy trick to strengthen the muscles and to go the neck a break while sitting. For this, you can rest with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Then gently tilt your head to have a look at the ceiling. Now, fold your lips into the position of whistling and your lips should be relaxed but should feel the stretch from both sides. You should wait in this condition for 10-15seconds  depending on your comfort level.


In this posture, you have to stand straight with your arms and shoulders relaxed and loose, move your head to look at the ceiling. Pucker your lips as if you wanna kiss the sky extending them to the farthest possible level. The muscles of the neck and chin should be flexed, and you should hold this position for 5-20 seconds.

3.Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a perfect exercise for the muscles of the face especially the jaws. Chewing gum on a daily basis helps to lose weight by reduction of calories in their diet. Also, it helps to reduce fat under the skin. Hence, chewing gum is a very good method to remove the double chin.

4. Lion Yawn

In this exercise, one needs to open his mouth wide with tongue out as far as possible. For this, You firstly sit or stand in a relaxed position and then stuck out your tongue enough to feel the stretching of chin and neck. Hold your tongue out for 10 seconds. Then relax your tongue. Just repeat this for ten times. This exercise aims to build muscles under your chin and hence to reduce double chin.

5. Chin rotation

Before doing such activity, be sure to keep your spine straight and shoulders relaxed and backward. Firstly, stand or sit in a straight position. Then, leading with your chin, rotate your head from in a full circle from the shoulders to chest and then back through the shoulders. If you are unable to do it, just go for semicircles from the shoulders to joints. And again go for this movement in the opposite direction.

6. Head Lifts

This is another exercise in which you need to lie down straight with the neck at the edge of the bed and head hanging off.  Slowly and steadily, lift your head towards your chest keeping your shoulders flat back. You should feel the contraction of the front muscles of the neck. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then, slowly, move your head backward by relaxing your chin. You can have sitting breaks in between the procedure to avoid feeling dizziness.

7. Pigeon Face

For this, you need to place your thumb on one side of the jaw, under your jawbone before the part where it turns to the ear.  The index finger of the same hand should be placed on the opposite jaw same location. Then push your hand against your neck.  After holding it for 30 seconds, release your grip and move your back to the initial position. Repeat this three times.

8. Neck Stretch

Sit straight with your one hand on the floor at the distance of one foot from the hips. Move the second arm upward to touch the opposite ear over the head. Your neck should be aligned to the head. Then bend your head towards the shoulder using your palm to press it gently. Then take the fingertips off the floor placing it on the upper arm by gently applying pressure to move your joints against your head. After keeping the position for 10 seconds and then relax to repeat it in the opposite direction.

All these exercises are meant for stretching and flexing the nerves. These exercises can help you to reduce the fat under the skin and hence can help you reduce your double chin.


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