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The show named   Why has a big close to its chapter while its second season but Netflix being controversial have a handful of more story for the third season as well. After the release of the sophomore season of Brian Yorke’s teen suicide drama, Netflix also gave the announcement of the third season of 13 Reason Why. Asher’s novel was used for the first season and the second season was related to the life of the student in Liberty High. But despite Hannah was out of tapes. Even after the discovery of uncovering sexual assault, Still, the school district does remain unscathed during Hannah’s parents lost of their lawsuits as well during Hannah’s suicide case. Very harsh reactions of our real justice came out and show its true reflections. Some of the relationships were dead and other’s grew up but were complicated. Character death with Hannah’s death with the aftermath. This series season was ended with the major clash and have the cliffhanger in it.

So, now because of the news of the release of season 3 of the series named 13 Reasons why is being questioned a lot and some of that questions are described below as!

Will Hannah Return?

After Hannah’s death, during her funeral Clay arrive at Hannah’s funeral. Then white light followed her which her ghostly presence. Then after doing such haunting things, Clay finally said goodbye and That was final time she appeared live on screen. Katherine Langford also committed the fact that Hannah would not return in any next season. Actress, at last, said that she loves Hannah a lot and allow her to go and then quoting Clay too. She also includes that this show is the special part of her and either Hannah would be along with her or not but she will do work that makes the positive impact on everyone. Season also gave satisfying goodbye to Hannah’s mother. When Olivia shared a list with Clay and find that there were 11 reasons of not killing herself as of before moving to New York City.

Why Did Nina Burn the Polaroids?

13 Reason Why has created another ques that of when it identifies of Nina Jones of culprit stealing a polaroid. Even break into the car of Clay and then take pictures of girls that were present in clubhouses and that can be used as an evidence but she burned that. This picture was a key element for the case but as a survivor of the big rapist, she burnt it. Then she came along with some other pictures and save rapist.

Will Chloe Stay With Bryce?

Chloe chose to stand either side with her boyfriend or the victims. So, she completely lied and chose that she will lie by side of victims and made a statement that it was consensual that when she made sex with Bryce in that clubhouse. Then during her testimony, it was tested that Bryce exerted power over her girlfriend. But then Chloe spoke clear truth to Jessica.

Why Did Bryce Escape Harsher Punishment?

The biggest question was that even during the second season and now also that whether Hannah will get justice from Bryce for his crimes or not? Jessica would come forward or not. Then Bryce received the punishment of three months and Football banned also. Even Justice was punished for six months even he does not share any part of the Bryce privileged. Bryce is still enjoying his Spring Fling Dance. Viewers are dissatisfied by this unfair justice done by our own justice system.

How Will the Alex-Jessica-Justin Love Triangle Play Out?

As Jessica was charted for her recovery and then at ending of that show it was given that sexual assault Survivor was also ready to open up her heart and even her body for relationships again. She then kisses her new kinda boyfriend that was Alex at the Spring Fling Dance. But later she realizes and feels sorry for her ex-boyfriend. As we know Alex began a start from that recovery from the gunshot but now this season will recover his relation with family and house.

Will Monty Face Punishment for His Assault?

As after the reveal that Monty being the student is bullying secretly his classmates of not testifying against of Bryce. Even that rape scene was criticised and then it had a trigger effect. But the topic is on Monty that he would be brought back in the show for giving any punishment at any of the levels.

What Will Happen to Tyler After the Thwarted School Shooting?

After he had acted of social frustrations in the second season, he took the step and burned football field and then brag about it on the app named facebook. But when he was sexually assaulted by Monty then he went violent by showing his collections of guns and explosives. Tyler was a user of weapons and had killed an animal, then visit the school and then plans to dance and kill student inside it. Clay gets convinced out of massacre and when he was holding the rifle, he escaped easily.

Will Clay Be Punished Instead of Tyler?

At the end of the second season, it is seen that Clay is holding the rifle and escaping from the school even having sirens of police near him. He will get punished for his attempt. As Tyler being escaped with help of Tony with his getaway ride and for this clay would be punished or not. But in reality, it was confronted that no one is true confronter in reality as Clay was. Clay has struggled really a lot for a grief of that of losing Hannah affects his feelings a lot. Minnette played the role of Clay also gave hint at end of the show and said that in the first season, Clay was very rude to Tyler and then Tyler was rude to Clay. Suddenly you realize that when both of them ends troubling each other and then they unite when they need that most.

Will There Be Another Technology Device?

Yorkey introduces one of another technology that consists of two polaroids pictures.  Well, the story would be continued for the next season and even Yorkey even made that clear before the second season that this season belongs to his heart. He think’s that there is always more story that could be told and basically it depends on viewers and their reactions also depend.

So, this is about the third season of the 13 Reason Why and if you like this post of ours then read other posts as well!


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