Check Out How The Shapes Of The Hands Reveal About One’s Personality


Every part of the body reveals about the person’s personality. In the same sense, your hands also show a lot about your personality. Most of the people learn the art of palmistry which is one of the best ways of ancient times to know one’s future. And it also tells what kind of the person is. In palmistry, the shape of one’s hands is used to predict one’s future and to understand the most dominant traits of the person. All the individuals have different personalities, but there are five categories which define most of us.

The method of palmistry starts with determining the different shapes of your hands and then matching them with the five elements of earth. These five elements are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. These are the five broad categories into which, Chinese palmists defined the fundamental values of people and used the shape of their hands to predict their future. We have here the list of five types of hands, and also it tells the primary traits they describe. Here we go!


1. Earth hand

People with the earth hands have thick fingers and thick palms. And also the base of thumbs is thick and fleshy. They have thick wrists.

People with the earth hands are humble, modest, and down to earth by their nature. They are deeply attached to the roots of their hearts. They never forget that where they came from, no matters how high they reach in their lives. These people are very hard-working, polite, and warm. They always love to meet others warmly.

These people also fall in love quickly. The people always think of their hearts and also are very high sentimental. They love others unconditionally and are always ready to help others. These people are selfless and never put their steps to back from helping others.


2. Fire hand

People with the fire hands have long palms, and long fingers, which adds the length to their hands and the hands look long. The nails may be pointed, but their knuckles are not well-defined.

These people are highly ambitious, driven, and quick thinkers. Their minds are continually working and are always alert to their surroundings. These people are very energetic. These people are very much clear about their future and present life. They know what they want to do and what they do not want to do in their lives. They made their decisions after well thought.


3. Water hand

The people with water hands have stubby fingers and smooth palms. Their nails are usually long with not well-defined knuckles. They have round shape fingertips.

These people are highly talented. These people are cautious and discreet, and highly secretive. These people can keep the secrets of others. The people with water hands are thought oriented. These kinds of people accept the imperfections in them as well as in the others without any complaints. These people are protective but not possessive.


4. Wood hand

These hands are long and slightly skinny. The features of the hands are extremely sharp and easily visible at the look.

The people with hands are creative. Their minds are very sharp and can observe each and everything happening around them. These people tend to live in their world. These people do not fall in love easily and if they do then get attached very much.

People with wood hands are very emotional by nature. They are very creative. So their emotions play a very crucial role in their creativity. They do not get attached to many people and do not allow many people to enter into their lives. The ones who are in their lives are very special to them.


5. Metal hand

These hands are mostly square. These hands have square-shaped nails, palms, and fingers. The palms are very soft and fleshy.

People with these hands are highly skilled in leadership. These people fall in love by checking the qualities of their partners. They are multi-tasking. These people can manage multi works at one time.




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