Check Out How Chinese Face Map Reveals About Your Problems and How To Cure Them


Everyone knows that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Eyes are the windows enmeshed in the glasshouse. Your face is just like the mirror which shows you the functioning of your body. Redness, rashes, pimples, and the changes in the skin color are just like those noise which are coming out of the house. A house has a sound of disagreements, arguments, and a sense of discord within.

Our facial skin is susceptible as compared to the other parts of the body. It reflects the changes that we undergo in the other parts of the body. To know about the right condition of our body we prefer to go for an MRI and X-Ray so that they will tell us what had happened to us in actual. But those machines leave us with an imagination of the fault in our body. But the most straightforward way that we can undergo to see what is going on is the natural diagnostic system. The study of the system was first invented by the Chinese many centuries ago.

Face mapping is just like the tradition of healing wisdom used in China as started by them. Through this, Chinese have found their root to Ayurveda. It is a belief that the body parts connected to each other through the energy channels known as meridians. These meridians act as the transfer of energy from one region to the other. Face mapping means the connection of the facial parts to the internal organs of the body through the meridians. If there is any change or any abnormality in shape, our face will help us to identify them. It is the perfect diagnosis in the body. After knowing the cause, we can also prevent ourselves from the major problems, and we can cure our problems.

Look at what your facial expressions reveal about the present situation of your body.

1. Forehead

Our forehead connected to our bladder and small intestine. We see the changes in our bladder due to high consumption of alcohol, sugar, and fatty, and canned food materials. When we eat such type, the metabolism of our body decreases too much extent. Thus we start living a stressful, nocturnal, and anxiety prone lifestyle.

Our central nervous system is the controller of our body parts. The functioning of the small intestine also held by the central nervous system along with our digestive function. If we have deep lines on our forehead, then it determines that our intestine function has become weak and also it tells that our nervous system has become overactive.

We can cure our problem of the small intestine by eating raw fruits and vegetables and also by eating probiotic foods including yogurt. Along with eating you also need to perform some of the physical activities like yoga, exercise, and meditation.

2. Between The Eyebrows

The part of the eyebrows connected to the liver of our body. Our liver is the part which is responsible for the proper detoxification and digestion. If there are extra chemicals or toxins processed by our food or negative emotions pumped into our body, then the effect is visible between our eyebrows. In actual if we say that we have any skin problem, then that is due to liver imbalance.

We can cure the problem by eating a lot of leafy green, turmeric, and a lot of lean proteins. Don’t use any skin care product except organic ones. You need to meditate and relax.

3. Below The Eyes

The part below the eyes connected to our kidneys. Kidneys functions to maintain the fluid present in our body. So it is true that water plays an essential role in our life. If you have dark circles under your eyes, then that means your body is suffering from dehydration, lack of sleep, or the stress which can also cause puffiness.

We can cure the problem by drinking a lot of water, but that does not mean that you are just drinking water whole the day. Drink it sip by sip. Avoid eating a lot amount of sugar and eat the mineral-rich foods in your diet. Also, try to resolve emotional stress.

4. Nose

Our nose connected to our heart. The left part of the nose relates left part of the heart and vice versa. If there are blackheads on your nose, then they reveal the heart congestion and the redness of our nose reveals the sugar/blood pressure problems.

The first thing to cure the problem is to eliminate griefs and anger from your heart. Next step is to lower the level of cholesterol present in our body due to a significant amount of eating sugar.

5. Cheeks

The part connects our stomach and spleen. The enzymes released by stomach are helpful in breaking down of food and then extract necessary components from it. Spleen also acts as a filter for blood and cheeks indicate the inflammation in the stomach.

To cure the problem, you need to eat high fiber diet and meats. Stay hydrated always and also avoid smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol habits.

6. Mouth And Chin

Our mouth and chin connect Colon and stomach. If you have ulcers in your mouth, then it gives the symptoms of heated stomach and also it tells about the sores present in our stomach. It is all due to consumption of spices, cold food, sugar, fat, and caffeine.

We can overcome the problem of ulcers by consuming warm, light cooked, chia seeds, and aloe vera.

7. Jaw And Neck

Our neck and jaw have a direct connection with the hormones. Hormonal imbalance is due to an intake of salt and less consumption of water. It can also affect our menstrual cycle. Because our chin also indicates the signs of an imbalanced body.

You can cure the problem of hormonal imbalance by taking the adequately balanced diet and reduce the consumption of  salt, caffeine, and alcohol and also by reducing stress and getting adequate sleep and exercising properly. You also need to meditate and perform yoga daily.

Now I think you all might have understood the true meaning of face mapping and how it can help us know our problems.


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