Check Out Here To Know Why Kylie Jenner Deleted All The Pics Of Stormi Webster On Instagram

Shocking but true that Kylie Jenner had deleted all the pics of Stormi’s face on Instagram.

Earlier, when Jenner, 20-year old had posted the photo of her little daughter Stormi, the pic had beaten all the records and it became the ‘Most Liked Photo On Instagram Ever.’ The picture of newborn baby Stormi Webster had become the most liked photo on Instagram. On 1st of February, when the cute baby girl had arrived, Kylie had shared this blessing with her fans. She was looking so happy, and the pic of the baby girl was beautiful.

But it is quite sad to say that Kylie Jenner is not going to post any of the pics of baby Stormi from now. Jenner, 20-year old mom has just announced that she will not post photos of her little daughter Stormi on any social media site. And also she has deleted most of the pics of baby Stormi on Instagram and which can be said that Stormi is just off of Jenner’s social media.

But everyone wants to know that why she had done so. There must be a crucial reason behind this decision but what is that reason. Wondering to know. Then check out below to know the actual reason.

Recently on the Instagram account, Kylie had posted a photo of her and baby Stormi in which she had shown her make-up free face and freckles in which only half part of Stormi’s face was visible. But the fans had noticed that the face of Stormi was partly cut out of the photo. Jenner might have decided of deleting all the pics of baby Stormi on Instagram because she wanted to make her little daughter out of the spotlight after when one of her fans had called her out for cutting Stormi out of the photo that she had uploaded on the last Sunday night.

She had shared a selfie with her baby girl Stormi cropped out, though the corner of her face could be seen in that pic, and she had posted it with the caption, “I spy with my little eye.” In the same photo, she had replied to the comment when a fan had commented that she had cut her baby out. Then she responded that she had cut her baby out and from then she is not going to share any of her girl photo on Instagram.

And after that Kylie had deleted every pic of Stormi from her Instagram account that shows her face. Entirely, there is nothing to surprise to know that Kylie had chosen to keep her little daughter out of the spotlight. But before deleting the pics of Stormi, Kylie was pretty open to sharing her special moments with her baby girl Stormi on Instagram and Snapchat.

An insider had told people that Kylie had deleted the pics of her little daughter on Instagram because she was disappointed after seeing the mean comments on the pics of her sweet baby girl. And her protection for her little baby girl can also be seen from the fact that she had not any of the news of her pregnancy on social media. She had kept her pregnancy news under wraps until she had released a YouTube video that documents her pregnancy. She had also said that she had chosen to not show her pregnancy in front of the world. She had revealed in a separate Instagram post that why she had decided to keep her pregnancy a secret out of the world.

She had not shared any of her photos when she was pregnant because she would not want to take any stress and burden and she wanted to prepare herself for this role in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way. So, she had chosen to keep that secret. She did not want that her baby would feel every stress and every emotion, so she had decided this way that to keep her little life happy and to maintain their happiness. And when Stormi Webster was born, Kylie Jenner was the proudest mom.

And she was not able to wait to show off Stormi to her fans. She had posted her photos because she was so excited to be a mom. But who knows that social media is a kind of a crazy place where people have been making nasty comments many-a-times.

When one of her fans had commented rudely for Stormi, then Kylie was shocked to see that, and she does not want that the pictures of her little girl would become a part of something negative. So, she had chosen to delete all her photos on the Instagram, and she had decided that she is not going to post any of the pictures of her little Stormi on any social media no more.

She might reconsider this in the future, but for now, she would not post any more photos of the face of Stormi.

But many of her fans think that this is not a specific reason after deleting the pics of Stormi on Instagram. They still are waiting that someone will give them a real explanation. And this is because Kylie had not delivered yet confirmed that if the spreading of the nasty rumor was the only reason behind her deleting Stormi’s pics on Instagram. She has completely switched-up social media.

But who knows the complete thing. It is her decision that whether she wants to share her little girl pic on social media or not. And of course, both the reasons are subtle, that is, if Kylie could have decided to stop sharing the pics of Stormi for an unrelated reason or for no reason at all.

So, this was all about the star, Kylie Jenner and her little daughter Stormi. And yes, it is true that little girl Stormi had made the world so obsessed with her cute pics. And of the most loved pic was that in which the little Stormi was holding the hand of her mother. There is something that is so adorable of baby hands.

But now Jenner is not going to post any pic of her baby girl soon.



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