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Have you ever felt that everything is just going wrong and that you have always been complaining and blaming? Have you ever felt like everything and everyone are just there to trouble you? Have you ever felt like a victim to all the misdeeds in the world? If so, then you must have felt a lot of negativity in you. Not only this, you may have sometimes, observed it in your fellow being, your friends or around any of your family member or you must sometimes have, found in your homes. You may have just ignored it, but indeed it is an important issue. We can also detect it and try to change it into positivity.

Just like a creature, our homes are also made up of energy particles. The layer of energy that surrounds us and our homes is called an aura. It may be a positive aura or a negative one. Deciding whether it is positive or negative can just be determined by feeling for its just energy which can only be felt and not seen. For example, when we look at a person who is always in a joyous and happy mood, we often think positive vibes around him, and that is nothing but positive aura. On the other hand, talking about a person who just remains upset or keeps on complaining about his life without ever appreciating what he has got, he has got negative aura around him.

Unfortunately, one can’t control the coming of negativity in his life. It may come to you through a fridge magnet that you have bought from a France trip or just from a visitor in your home. You may also have seen that while purchasing a particular place or a home, genuine real estate sellers or brokers may have warned you about the aura of that house.  You may also have observed that people over land hasn’t gained success and have been in trouble so long, while for them shifting in some new place would have resulted in their prosperity and happiness. That is all but the effect of aura about that place.

Energy can also travel from one place to another. One can carry the power from his workplace to home or from his home to any other place. For instance, If you have by any reasons, a negative atmosphere at our house, you may also carry your negativity to your working area, and that will result in your bad mood all day. In fact, that may also affect your relations with other colleagues as well and that it can also make people avoid you because of wrong energies into you and you may even suffer a lot because one lousy experience often welcomes the other one.

There are quite many ways in which one perceives or experiences terrible energies. It may just happen that you are always fighting with your friends or your life partner or with your partners. You may only get into trouble and angry over small things. You may just criticize anyone. You may have felt that your career is just stuck and there is nothing you can do about it and hence you have already given up. You might also think that everything, whether it is going to be right or wrong, will always go wrong.

There are some ways in which you can get rid of negative energy, but the first and foremost thing is that you need to detect it and that is a challenging task. It is necessary to find root source of negativity in your homes so that you can erase all the negativity from its core level.

We have got here for you a straightforward DIY solution to help you detect where is the primary source of evil aura in your house. For this, you require a plain, tall glass, a cup of salt, a cup of apple cider vinegar and some water.

Fill one-third of an empty glass with salt and after that add apple cider vinegar to it. Now fill it to the full with water.Leave this glass untouched and unmoved in one of your rooms for 24 hours. You need to do it for every room of your house. Whether the solution remains clear, it means no negative energy has been detected in that room whereas if in any place, the water seems gasified or it has a bluish-green tinge; it means negative power has its roots in that room. And that’s how we can quickly detect it.

Negative energy is believed to persist in our homes because it is the place where we spend a lot of time. It may be results of someone’s negative feelings and thoughts, or may have been brought from a workplace, or may have been brought from a school by a child or may have been the result of some visitor at home or someone who works in the house.

Have you ever wondered why we clean every nook and corner of the house before festivals? Well, this is just an attempt to erase all unwanted energy from our lives and to create a new place in our homes where we can welcome the new positivity and good energy. Festivity not only just raises concern about our god but also enlighten our mind by erasing all that negative thoughts from our minds. The fragrant incense sticks that we offer with our prayers to God every morning and evening also help to spread positivity. Also, you must have seen some autorickshaws, lorries, shopkeepers burning these sticks every morning, that’s too their attempt to start a new journey every other day with all its positivity. Well, that’s also one of the reasons why one gets a real sigh of relief after having a visit to a holy place.

Hence, once you have detected the source of negative energy in your homes, you can just take the help of your elders or some religious practitioners regarding how to tackle it. You can help yourselves deal with it by just believing in you.





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