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Do you feel something wrong about your hairs whenever you comb your hairs? Are you afraid that you are losing so many hairs every day? If Yes then you need to analyze your daily lifestyle. You need to keep a check on your habits. Are they affecting your hairs?

Many things affect your hairs and contribute to your hair fall: anxiety, stress, age, hormonal changes, lifestyle, etc. These are few of the reasons. The first thing we need to know is When our excess hair falls precisely started. According to Experts, we lose a hundred strands of hairs each day. So if you find only 8-10 hairs in your hands, you need not worry. But if they are more than 15, then it is a sign of taking care of your strands.

Here are some suggestions through which you can get away your problem. There are some natural changes which will help you to look gorgeous and stop hair fall.

1. Wash your Hairs Properly

Wash your hairs regularly which will help you to get rid off dust & dirt which is one of the major causes of hair fall. People with dry scalp must not overwash their hairs. People who have oily scalp need to wash their hairs regularly to prevent hair fall. Adding more to it, don’t comb your hairs when they are wet.


2.  Choice Of Products

The most important thing is to understand that your hair types and chose the right product for your hairs. Your hairs will look gorgeous if you pick the right shampoo for your strands. Highly chemical shampoos will not be recommended for any hairs.


3. Hairstyle

Trust me on this that your hairstyle damages your hairs a lot. Your hair roots are affected with tight bands, ponytails, and buns. So it is suggested to tie them loose. If you are already suffering from the problem, then stop doing styling every day and do it only on some special occasions.


 4. Hairbrush

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This comb will help to untangle your hair and prevent pulling of hairs. Regularly cleaning of the comb is a must.


5. Prevent from Excess Heat

Preventing your hairs from heat is crucial. Nowadays hair dryer has become a necessity as it is time-saving. The heat if hair dryer damage hairs a lot. So it is suggested to minimize the use of hair dryer in everyday life. Dry your hairs naturally. Same is it with the hot water bath. Use lukewarm water to wash your hairs.  Same is it with the excess of sun heat also. Protect your strands from direct sunlight. Cover your while you go outside in the sun.


6. Exercise & Meditation

Exercise helps in increasing blood circulation, and meditation will help to calm & relax in stressful situations. Stress is a significant cause of hair fall, and it must be taken care well.


7. Scalp Massage

Proper blood circulation helps to decrease hair fall. Massage is another way to improve blood circulation. It also helps to boost the hair growth. Either gently massage your scalp at home with oil or go to a spa.


8. Food Habits

Food directly affects your hairs. It is imperative to have healthy food to increase your hair growth. Bad eating habits can damage your hairs a lot. Some of the healthy food items include nuts, carrot, eggs, green vegetables, salmon, etc. These food items contain Proteins, Vitamins, Irons which is beneficial for overall health. Food items like soda, white bread, excess sugar, greasy food must be withdrawn.


9. Get rid off Unhealthy Habits

Except for unhealthy food, there are some other sick habits which worse affect your hairs. Regular alcohol consumption and smoking harm the body. These habits can cause an adverse effect on your hairs. If you want to look beautiful and want to have good hair volume, then get rid off all these habits.


10. Right Time To Visit A Doctor

Understand the type of hair fall you are having. If you experience a sudden hair fall, then it can be a sign of serious illness which need some medical attention. Do visit your doctor immediately and get proper treatment.

All these seem to be regular habits, but it can also be a complete lifestyle change for many. It is not possible to change it overnight. Slowly these changes can be made in your lifestyle, and you will experience healthy growth in your hairs.

Good Luck with the new start of Happy & Healthy hair days!



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