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Virtual reality is really different from actual one and it is the thing that is fearsome to get hold. It is always imagined and never can be true at its part. It is just one part of the team that they imagined in the set of Stranger Things. Even now the world is very convinced by all the things that can really go crazy on the internet by this sort of time. But complexity in the web world is really less as we compare them to other. But it is insane as it is compared to Netflix Original’s series named Stranger Things. So, we all usually know about this series and it does not need any intro to it because everyone is usually talk about it. Only with its two of the shows, this show is making massive talk around the world.

All around world are just talking about it and it has made everyone crazy about it. So, this show is basically based on the imagination which is not made by any common person. It is beyond the imagination. But think about the fact if this series is just connected to the internet than things would go really crazy. Results would come out to be really very interesting. As all the characters of the sci-fi series named Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven always had really good time in their 80’s but team has decided to again imagine the series but including internet. So, even we also admit the fact that things would get really hilarious with the internet. It is really wonderful that this will bring a big change to the series named Stranger Things.

So, it was really difficult to Set a Dungeons and Dragons session but now with the internet, it will be damn easy with the help of Whatsapp. So, this is the squad of Whatsapp through the internet. It will become very easy for setting Dungeons and Dragons and this will be done with the use of internet app named Whatsapp.

All of us mainly have a friend like Eleven and she will definitely use facebook. She will love facebook app. Her posting speed would be large and have a steady speed of it. Then she will also start that petition against lab experiments via online methods.

Her petition against lab experiments would run. She is really concerned about lab experiments and would petite about it. She would post headlines as by writing as stop testing these pets in the lab and start loving them instead of hurting them. Because she loves pets and does care of them a lot.


Even every one of them will know where she is and they will get all the things that they want from her. Life would become really easy and comfortable for them very well. It would be really easy for everyone.

Power of searching media would be very high as searching Barbara would become very easy and range would also be definitely wider as well. So, social media would really be helpful for them. Social media has a very wide range and this would help to find Barbara in this wide range.

Nancy would start working on the Twitter app and she would start online movements on the Twitter. Even interesting thing is we can imagine of her tweets during the time she would be drunk. Her mood during drunk is swinging all the way. She can post any of the tweets on the app twitter. She would have the good start on the movements.

Dustin would look really cool with all the filter’s on the snapchat and this would be really interesting if Dustin uses Snapchat and look cute with those filters. So, these imaginations are going vastly by the fact. Even Joyce will always do all things that will keep a tab on Will. Even we can not blame her as will always care for other people only. Even wonder about them only and Joyce wants him to be tension free.

Dusting would become the full socialized person. As he will constantly post all of his pictures while the visit in the new place and thus updating about his crazy life all the way. He will love to post all of his pictures and tell everyone about his visit. As he could post his picture with Chillin’.  So, this is interesting that we could be able to know about him as well. Steve would also become the influencer on this social media.

Then at last finding, any of the answer related mind flayers would become easy. What all this is an even finding many other questions. So, all these questions are easily available on Google.

You would have totally agreed that this was lit. This would be very crazy and fun if sci-fi series would connect to the internet. But it is true that the series named Stranger Thing id famous just because that the time being used in series was perfect as people were connected physically rather socially. The life does not revolve around internet only. It was more than that. All were happy and feel their lives to be crazy as well. As we could also remember of our childhood that we use to enjoy the company of our group of friends and we use to play board games rather than video games. Life was really simple and more interesting as connected our good beings. Time during 80’s was perfect of all and was still not socialized. But as with internet our life is socialized only and not much connected with people all around the world. Most of us are just busy in posting and thinking of bad things. So, that is the only reason Stranger Things, both the seasons are loved by people and everyone is getting crazy about it. But this internet is also making thrill about the fact that Stranger Things would look like.

So this was our imagination of Stranger Things series with internet and now it is your time to think about this fun. Even think that which character will have more followers! This would really be fun.

So, this was about Stranger Things and read more post if this was amazing for you!




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