Check How The Avengers Defeated Thanos In The Comics

You are the part of 20 people which have not seen the” Avengers: Infinity War ” up to now. What to do with your life? If you haven’t watched yet then make it your bookmark and it’s your time to go and watch this movie. It will amaze you with its content. As the movie has really interesting facts. Then come back on this post so that spoiler’s do not ruin your experience. So, you are warned about it.

So, now we are assuming that every one of you each had watched this movie. As Thanos has already killed half of the universe and now he is living in the small hut in the unknown planet. He is seeing sunrise and living as he said that he would live. Even this would be the probably saddest ending for the movie in that MCU. But the good news is that ‘Avengers 4’ would release on May, 3rd of 2019. This movie would have the lot riding in it. This movie would fix everything that went wrong in the first movie. But also ensuring that it is not master reset on all that events that make it pointless of ‘Infinity War’.

Even there are two series of Avengers one in which Avengers defeated Thanos in comics and the second is animated series in which it fought with Thanos. So discussing both these as-

First, the comics series-

The series in comics is ‘The Infinity Gauntlet’ was released in 1991. It was written by Jim Starlin. The story includes that the main reason of Thanos getting of Infinity Stones is due to the reason that he can impress death as by destroying half of the universe and then creates balance in it. There is no infinity war between Avengers and Thanos. As Thanos gets the gems and then he destroys the half of universe.

The rest of this story includes Adam Warlock, the Silver Surfer, Nebula, Captain America, Doctor Strange and a few more band that would write monumental wrong. Nebula is the one in this story that includes that she remove gauntlet from Thanos’ hand and then he wore that on her. Then Thanos ask him to rewind back and then use Gauntlets. In this much of time, Adam Warlock holds the gem and thus Thanos’ ends up his story on finding himself as a farmer on an unnamed planet. But this was not seen in MCU. because it would found wrong by writer side Josh Brolin.

Now, on to the animated TV series-

Now in the TV show, ‘Avengers’ Thanos as on the earth plays the mightiest part who had all the power of the infinity stones which is disposed of. But we do not remember any of the moment which leads to battle, but remember that how did Avengers fight against Mad Titan. Rather they challenged Thanos to try just one stone to defeat them. Even, Thanos accepts the challenge.

He then starts with the Time Stone. Then he ages all the superheroes to such of the point where they remain nothing but left as ash. But, as Thor, he always grew stronger with his age. He reverses that Time Stone beam again and then it hits Thanos leaving him as very old. He then again reset everything and then he brings back all the superheroes again.

Then Thanos’ use his another stone that was Mind Stone which was used to make all of them fight with each other. Then to make all of them to not fight, the only Avengers named as Hulk was left which convinced them not to fight but instead focus on only Thanos’ on their rage. Same as the first plan was failed, so this was also failed in the same way and Avengers were not failed by Thanos’.

Then Again Thanos’ uses his another stone named Space Stone on the way to attack every Avengers and teleport them but it was also failed by Hawkeye and Black Widow, picks his pattern and then they counter him. So, this was again failed.

Then it seemed to be very well as Avengers has captured Thanos’. This seems to be well until the condition that Captian America has a feeling of guess that things went very well. Then they realize that Thanos’ has used his stone named reality stone so that he can influence their thoughts. Then they break and get free from his trick of mind control.

Then Thanos’ uses another stone named Power Stone to defeat Avengers. But this was failed as Avengers restrained, as they use Hulk for this. Hulk always gets angry as Thanos’ attacks more and more. But Thanos’ again restore his all of the Stones than to breaks free it and then destroy’s Iron Man. But then Avengers again realize that Tony Stark has come back on earth and he is now working on Arsenal.

Then Thanos’ finds Tony Stark to be dangerous for him. So, he transports Tony with his laboratory to the moon. But again Thanos’ was defeated by Tony only. So, Tony activated his Arsenal that was deactivated and used it to destroy Thanos’. Also, Tony took help of Avengers and Destroyed Thanos’. But then Arsenal turn out into Ultron which lead to a new war in the whole of the world.

But in MCU, there was the only discussion of the loophole there was not any mention of Arsenal. Well, Arsenal was a robot of Howard Stark which was improved by Tony. But it is the time for “Avengers 4” to come out and tell what would be the hail solution of the story would be. As heroes of the story are alive so we can never be sure of the story that would be of “Avengers 4”. But all of them goes down into the path then, introduction in the post-credit of captain Marvel would go pointless in the story. But character played as Ultron was really loved. So, if Ultron comes back then it will be interesting but only in the voice of James Spader.

So, this was the difference in both the stories. Both comics and Animated series are interesting. You all would enjoy it. So, watch both these series.

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