Check how Make-up Artist shed 4 stone in a year after losing her boyfriend and job.


“At 27 years old I can finally say I have found my passion – make up artistry. Growing up I always had a passion for art and drama.” Vikki Kinge said. her story inspired many. this story became very popular.

She is a make up artist. A weight loss story is trending on social media now a days. This is the story of Vikki Kinge which is unbelievable. this story as shocked everyone. Vikki Kinge, 28 from Milton Keynes, has dropped 4 stone in just a year. The beautician piled on the pounds after a string of bad relationships. Comfort eating and binge eating chocolate saw her soar to 17 stone 5 lbs. she had a tough love life. Also her bad eating habits made her fat. she faced a lot of problems in that days of her life.

Vikki shared with FEMAIL – ‘Throughout my early twenties I had some very unpleasant relationships.’, ‘This made me turn to comfort eating, and over time I just piled on the pounds without realizing The experience in relationships had broken me down, and I ended up losing all my self-worth, confidence and purpose. I suffered from bad skin conditions, lost my job and became ill due to the stress and anxiety I had.’I gained a lot of weight once I had lost my job due to stress and feeling insecure after my break up; Food was my comfort.’

she lost her job. after loosing her job she had a miserable time. after she lost her job she made her mind and started going to make up artist classes. she said that- ‘There were pictures that the girls were taking at makeup school while I was working, as well as group shots at the makeup school.I hated the way I looked in pictures.‘

By the time she decided to become a she felt bad when the girls took pictures with her and she looked fat on that pictures. It made her feel unhappy. So she decided to loose her weight and started to work for it. From then to now she had a great hard work. She lost her weight drastically. Her weight loose story became very popular. She became a Make up artist and now she is happy. She takes images of her self without feeling shy.

Breakfast started with Mc-donals cheese pasta, chocolate, chips for lunch. She never skipped a single meal. And did not do any exercise now everyday goes to gym. She takes a proper diet and five to six sessions of gym. Her routine made her feel happy and contented. She confessed saying, ‘I binged on chocolate, I was a chocoholic. I still have a few cheat days where I have a few tablespoons of Nutella to fulfill a craving.’

It is truly said that, A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. her hard work and determination was fruitful to her. Her social media images changed very much.


She also said that, ‘I feel so much happier now, and am starting a blog this year to help inspire, along with an Instagram page. My goal this year is to become a fitness model. I don’t want to be that woman who looks different in the magazines or wants to be a size six’


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