Check 12 Mind Bending Movies That Make You Think Deeply About Life


So, this world film industry is full of many types of films it may be a comedy or thrilling or bloody. But this industry also includes a part of movies, which runs over our minds. Some movies are those which we watch and forget, but there are other movies which run through our mind many of the time. We usually connect that films with our lives or we genuinely think about them all the time. We can not stop yourself from feeling for the film we have watched. So, this post is entirely about those movies which have the large impact for the longer period and we think about it. Sometimes movies straightly blow away our busy mind, and we keep on scrawling all the memories we had for that movie.

Many of us enjoy these types of movies which go on through our mind for more extended and personally I love them the most. So, here is the list of all that movies which will make think for long.

1. Upstream Color-

The art of cinema requires a reason to corroborate that it exists for much more than that just only for mere entertainment and then the thing is you do not have to look anywhere else than this movie that exists in the industry. This movie is the piece of the art which blows our mind off, and we always think of that all the time. This movie helps us to connect with nature and feel big.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-

This movie involves pain, Heartbroken, madness and success and even more. It is an unconventional love story which brings emotional feature in our mind. The star that could be praised for this show is the writer called Charlie Kaufman. It is a movie which can be again watched by the time being viewed by us, and it is unique in its way.

3. In the Mood For Love-

So, this movie named In Mood For Love is a beautiful story of two characters that have beautiful moments and images. Its music is also soul touching. The story includes that both of them being in love are fearful of falling in love. This movie has such good moments that it will scroll your mind for the longest time.

4. Mulholland Drive-

Ahead scratch, confusion, brain confusion, the realization will be there when you watch this movie for the very first time. But when you watch it for more times, then you will appreciate the film that what the movie is the result of the nuances it includes. Even this movie is discussed now also because it is so mysterious and exciting.

5. Stalker-

When you get to watch this movie, then your mind will not get out of for the most extended period of the time, and you will be thinking about it all the time. This movie is cast in dark and dark, and it includes all about the hope.


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