Check Out Causes And Curation Of Breast cancer


Cancer is like a monster that kills over 750,000 people a year in the United States. There is miracle curation for cancer other than surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and pharmaceuticals.

The foods like organic food, herbs cannot cure cancer overnight. And also most of the organic foods are costly to purchase them regularly, but the bills of chemical cancer treatment are 100 times costlier than organic food items.

Let’s have a look at the causes of cancer so that it does not become your early health.

Causes Of Breast Cancer

1. Hormones in meats and milk

Most of the animals which provide us milk and meat such as cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and fishes are given artificial hormones to make them bigger and capable so that they would provide us with an unnatural amount of milk and meat. These unnatural products cause infections, cancer, depression amongst you. Try to get your proteins from superfoods like spirulina and chlorella.


2. Mammograms, dental x-rays, and airport TSA screening machines

There is the deflector flap in the x-ray machines which produces the cancer rays. You should pull this flap before running out of the x-ray room to escape the cancer rays. The screening machines of Mammograms, dental x-rays machines, and airport TSA screening machines emits the cancer rays of which we all should be careful.


3. Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants

Most of the breast cancer tumors are caused in the upper quadrant of your breast near the armpit. It is the area where you use those aluminum products and all those chemicals that help to block the sweat poisons that your body emit. So just avoid these products and stop using them. You should try for organic deodorants and aluminum free products.


4. Toxic makeup/ cosmetics

Most of you are using petroleum and coal toxic makeup products on the largest organ of your body that is skin. Your skin absorbs all these and sends it rushing through bloodstream which infects other organs of your body, though other organs try to filter out toxins from the food and water. Don’t lose your health by using these toxic products. Go for the organic cosmetics and makeup products.


5. GMO Soy and Corn

GMO soybeans cause extreme health detriment. These contain haemagglutinin, a substance which promotes clot that causes red blood cells to clump together. The more consumption of soy increases estrogen. These cause the breast cancer. So avoid these soybeans from your diet and reverse the damage.


6. Artificial Sweeteners

Do you know that every chewing gum, breath mint, liquid medicine contains aspartame, sucralose, and sorbitol? These all are the artificial cancer cells.


7. Fluoridated water

This water is harmful. It’s not pure. It does not prevent tooth decay. It does not clean the water, though it pollutes the water that we drink. The toxic chemicals present in it leaches the minerals from your body. And it breaks down the immune system. It causes breast cancer. You should drink spring water.


8. Pharmaceuticals

These medicines which you take for getting rid of various problems cause breast cancer. You should visit your naturopathic doctor and seek advice on nutrition from them to avoid the cause of breast cancer.


9. Food coloring agents and preservatives

Any food coloring agents and preservatives are the chemicals that are cooked up in the laboratory. The food preservative chemicals like sodium benzoate, BHT, and BHA suffocate your cells and make cancer cells. You should use colorful organic fruits and vegetables to decorate your plate.


10. Soaps, Shampoos, toothpaste, and lotions( including suntan and sun block)

The products that you usually apply on your skin, scalp, teeth, gums enter your bloodstream. All the products like perfumes, deodorants, dyes, hair colors, and artificial sweeteners all contain the chemicals that cause breast cancer.



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