Avengers: Infinity War- 6 Mistakes In The Movie That Don’t Spoil The Story But Are Worth Noting of Anyway


Avengers: Infinity War is something that right now, everyone seems to be talking about whether you liked it or not. And this is the one thing that is not going to be changed for a while. Our timeline is overloaded with the contents, memes, articles, anything and everything that is related to Infinity War. But really no one seems to mind it. The movie was really awesome but the ending of the movie has left many viewers heartbroken. Since the beginning, the movie was really fantastic.

But when the movie came to an end, then the viewers of the movie felt heartbroken because their favorite superheroes were shown dead in the end. And which makes the viewers disappointed. But we can get over this by the upcoming movies of Marvel that will surely and fully entertain us.


Surely the upcoming movie of Marvel will entertain the viewers and those who were disappointed by the ending of the Avengers: Infinity War will find the upcoming Marvel movies to be fullest entertaining. This movie has given us two things to the thought of and the first thing is about Captain Marvel.

This movie has thought us the first thing that Captain Marvel is completely set to make her debut. And the second thing is still to figure out.

Anyhow, the Avengers is still viral and the fever of the movie is still on the minds of the viewers. And the unstrained will be continued if we bring out some of the mistakes that we had spotted in the film. Avengers: Infinity War is the Russo’s Brother film that has many mistakes in the movie. But this mistakes did not spoil the story but are taking a worth note of anyway.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Thanos (Josh Brolin)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

So, there are some of the mistakes that can be easily seen in the Avengers: Infinity War which did not spoil the movie. Let us check out the list:

1. Maybe The Hulk Just Decided To Take A Loo Break!

2. Where Did Your Cool New Axe Go Thor?

3. *Black Panther Voice* Give This Man Two Shields Because He Keeps Losing them.

4. Everyone Going For The Battle But Black Widow Still Has Time For A Shampoo Commercial

5. Side Effects Of Time Stone: Meeting Same People At Different Locations But Having The Same Conversation.

6.  Spider-Man Did You Get Two Suits?

But still, the most heartbreaking scene in this movie was the ending in which most of the Avengers died with a snap of finger of Thanos. It was really a shocking scene for the viewers but anyway, the shock lasts only for few seconds. Due to this ending, many felt disappointed but many hopes that this Avengers will return in the upcoming movie Marvel.

But there are many viewers who think that the most heartbreaking scene in the movie was Stark holding that stupid phone adding further depth to the character.

Anyhow, the mistakes in the movie can be ignored as the story was amazing. But still, the viewers are expecting more from the upcoming movie of the Marvel. However, they were expecting from this part also and also this movie has completed their expectations much but still, the viewers are having much more expectations for the upcoming part.


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